In restaurants and commercial kitchens, grease traps serve as a crucial system for maintaining a healthier and sanitary drainage system. Its job is to catch grease, oil, food waste and fats from the wastewater washed down the drain. But, there comes a point when it will become clogged or jammed with greases and food waste if not cleaned out regularly. Even worse, it can become the source of blockages in sewer lines. Thus, it needs to be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis if you want to prevent problems that cause it to work ineffectively. You can hire a professional grease trap service Roseville as they have the skills to clean out your grease trap in a manner that provides thorough cleaning.


Improperly maintained grease traps can also compromise the health of the customers and staff.

If you have a grease trap installed in your commercial kitchens, it’s time you pay attention to the warning signs that call for a grease trap cleaning from a professional.

 Here are vital signs you should notice:

  • Foul smell coming out of your kitchen 

You are smelling a foul odor even though you have cleaned your kitchen way too many times. There is a good chance that the unpleasant smell is coming from grease traps. An unpleasant stench may be released when solid food particles get trapped on the bottom of the grease trap tank for a while. So go around the grease trap and check them for any smell. Regular cleaning and maintenance would prevent this problem from happening.

  • Your sink has slower drainage

Without regular cleaning, grease traps are vulnerable to clogs. Dirty grease traps could cause slower drains. So if you see your drainage system working slowly, it’s highly likely that you have a grease buildup on the top of the trap which has become immovable. As a result, it will cause the drainage to become slow. You might need professional cleaning of your grease traps.

Even after cleaning the grease trap if the problem still persists, hydro jetting Roseville is also an effective way to clean clogs from drains and streamline drainage.

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  • You notice grease at different places

When grease traps begin to fill up or clog, this could result in the presence of grease in other areas. Clogged grease traps can make it easier for oil to escape through the other lines such as pipes, sinks.  If you find grease here and there, you shouldn’t wait for more to get them cleaned.

Dirty and unmaintained grease traps are incapable to collect and trap oil, fats, and other food waste from going down the sewer, thus causing a clogged sewer line. This can add to more expensive septic repairs and Septic Pumping Sacramento.

  • It’s been a while since you had your grease trap cleaned the last time

Not sticking to your cleaning and maintenance schedule for grease traps can create problems such as a foul smell, sewer backups, etc. As a restaurant owner, you are required to comply with wastewater regulations set by local and state governments for grease trap maintenance.

Final words

Running a food business comes with a lot of maintenance tasks. Grease traps are one of the crucial systems that ensure good waste food management as long as it’s working properly.