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There are plenty of professions like law enforcement, security services, etc., where people have to face all kinds of life-threatening devices like firearms, edged and spiked weapons, etc. Hence, they need body armor, which protects them from deadly attacks and injuries.   

Not many realize, but there is a plethora of body armor types available. Each is designed to protect the wearer from a specific kind of attack and injury. One such leading armor is stab-proof body armor. Here, we would understand what it is and its various advantages. Stay hooked. 

What is Stab Proof body armor?  


As evident by its name, stab-proof body armor is designed to protect you against edged and pointed arsenals and weapons like a knife, spike, broken bottle, etc. These garments are pretty different from the eternally popular bulletproof ancestors.   

Most of these protective garments are crafted from Kevlar, a synthetic fiber with exceptionally high tensile strength. Stab-proof garments have Kevlar panels housed in carriers of softer fabrics for a more comfortable feel on the skin for extended periods. The Kevlar fabrics are woven together so tight that they become almost impenetrable to pointed weapons like knives. For added protection, most of these garments have layers of chainmail or laminate coating.   

Science Behind Stab-Proof Garments   


Most stab-proof garments have the Kevlar fibers very tightly woven together. It makes it almost impenetrable to sharp objects. Now, whenever a sharp object like a knife is thrust into the wearer, the protective material of Kevlar moves around the sharp object and makes it move back and forth within the material. Because the object is constantly redirected, it becomes almost impossible for the sharp object to pass the fabric and harm the wearer fatally. Hence, the person does not get stabbed and hurt.   

Benefits of Stab Proof Garments   


Most stab-proof garments are today in the form of stab proof vest. They offer us several benefits. A few of them are:  

  1. Life savior garment   



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For most of us, body armor is synonymous with bulletproof body armor. But the biggest drawback of bulletproof jackets is that they do not protect against sharp and spiked weapons. Studies suggest that knife threat is far more than firearms, which filters down to even ordinary people, apart from security personnel. The demand and security provided by stab-proof garments thus attain a higher degree of protection than many other protective garments.   


Furthermore, these gears can also protect the personnel from several other dangerous situations, be it brute force, damage from high-temperature, falling debris, etc. Today, intense research is underway to make these body armor protect against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear attacks.   

  1. Versatile and specialized protection  



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Once body armor could only protect against bullets. However, today the protection has expanded to multiple arsenals like bullets, firearms, spikes, or stabs. Today, you get specialized gear against stab and specialized gear against spikes. Stabs generally refer to injuries caused by knives, while spikes refer to sharper and pointed objects like a needle, icepicks, etc.   


If you know the kind of threat you are likely to face, you can choose that particular type of protective gear. Depending on your need, you can choose a garment that offers specialized protection or safeguard against multiple threats.   

  1. Highly tested and graded armor.  


Each piece of body armor crafted has to undergo intense testing before it is approved for sale. The gear is available in different levels specified by The National Institute of Justice, popularly called the NIJ standard.  Apart from it, most countries also follow their standards which prove the effectiveness against the arsenals.   


The stab and spike armors also have their specified rating, which is decided by how much punishment the material can withstand when attacked from an engineered knife or a sharp object. The engineered knife is way more lethal than a typical kitchen knife. The rating is given as KR or ‘knife resistance.’ Likewise, gears providing resistance against spikes are given the SP rating. You can effortlessly choose the suit that best meets your requirements.  

  1. Offer proper fit, comfort, flexibility, and mobility.  



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Once body armors were heavy, cumbersome outfits. For instance, most of them had steel plates which made easy mobility and flexibility a far-fetched thing. But the scenario has undergone a radical transformation today.   

The suits are specialized for men and women with plenty of attention given to proper fit and comfort even when searching for sports near me. Apart from comfort and proper fit, flexibility and mobility are also given due importance. Today, you have suits that are lightweight and highly comfortable to wear. It no longer restricts you and compromises your mobility. Accessibility has become their high point.   

Furthermore, like bulletproof armors, stab outfits are also available in overt and covert styles. Overt style refers to body protection suits worn over clothing, while covert styles are worn underneath the clothing. It comes in handy when the person adorning the suit does not wish to flaunt their protective gear. They remain lightweight, thin, discreet, and incredibly comfortable even if you wear them for long hours.   

  1. Easy Maintenance  


Not only are present stab protection outfits lighter and more comfortable, but they are also far easier to maintain. When cared for properly, they can easily last for five years or more. It makes it a worthwhile and excellent value for money product. You enjoy peace of mind in every quarter.   

Wrapping up   


Body armor not only enhances your security but also makes a person more efficient at their job. They are a must-have to tackle any life-threatening scenarios with ease and no danger. Given its advantages, it’s a must-have for any high-risk situation.