Every season there is a fresh celebrity fashion fad that catches your complete attention.  This fall will be all about class and comfort.  You will have the chance to play with natural greens, cool blues, or shady browns!  If you are a fan of the classic medieval or vintage celebrity fashion style, then this fall season will certainly fit you. 

Capes Galore

Yes, you read it right.  Capes are one of the latest celebrity fashion trends this fall.  It’s all around the red carpet and even a favorite choice when it comes to casual wear.  During this season, wear your capes at mid-length and preferably in shades of green or dark blue, anything that looks earthy will bring your celebrity fashion statement a long way.  You may opt for a Kim Kardashian cape dress during formals or go casual but classy like Chrissy Teigen who loves to rock a cape jacket with dark trousers


Gloss and Glitter

When we say earth-inspired celebrity fashion this fall, it includes the bright shining stars in the sky!  Get ready for some added glamour and sparkle because it’s the perfect season to wear tinsel clothing.  Do you have jackets, tops, or dresses accessorized with a metallic shine?  Bring it out and enjoy the fine weather of fall in such a fashionable way.  Nicki Minaj is a living advertisement of how thrilling you can look as you wear the glitz of tinsel fashion.  This type of fashion is also a top pick among celebrities, especially during red carpet events.

Discover Renaissance

Renaissance fashion is all about feeling in control and a little bit pompous but only on the outside of course.  This season of fall, celebrity fashion which caters to the era of women wearing velvets, corsets, and bell sleeves is an enormous hit.  It’s the typical medieval minus the bulk of petty coat gowns but with an additional glam of the contemporary.  Wear your hair up or down, it doesn’t matter.  This celebrity fashion style will surely make a lasting impression.  Lorde and Madonna are the celebrity icons who rock this look. 

Accessorized straps

Women love bags!  Bags are also a big part of the celebrity fashion trends and for this fall season, accessorized guitar bag straps are up for grabs.  You can choose to DIY this adorable celebrity fashion accessory or get it from your favorite boutique.  This embellished strap can definitely shed life to your ordinary handbags, like what it did for Jessica Alba and Kendall Jenner.


Choker Phenomenon

Who doesn’t like chokers?  Chokers are a celebrity fashion staple but for fall, these tight necklaces have to make a statement.  Chokers will full neck coverage is the hottest this season and even celebrities are going loco over the latest designs of these magnificent neckpieces.  This celebrity fashion trend is loved by the likes of Rihanna, Chloe Moretz, and the beautiful Salma Hayek. 

The best thing about fall is that you could play upon celebrity fashion trends that are a style mix of summer and the coming winter.  It’s the most experimental fashion inspiration that every woman dreams of wearing comfortably and awesomely like how celebrity fashion icons would do it.