In December 2017, the government directed 1,685,768 practical driving tests, and 768,554 pass their test, but 917,214 failed their practical driving test. One of the most major causes of failing the driving tests in not looking properly at junctions and in the mirrors. In this article, I’ll show you the 5 most common reasons for failing the practical driving tests.

Not Looking Properly During Junction:

One of the most major and common reasons for failing the practical driving test is not looking at both sides while having a junction. Remember, when you reach your driving centre, there are many professional examiners are there to take your driving test. When you start driving a car, one of them will sit with you to observe the way you drive. Those examiners are very professionals, experts and have experience of many years of taking the practical tests. They notice every minor detail and note it in the note pad. Most of the people did not look properly while crossing the junction; that’s why the examiner fails you in the driving test, and all your efforts and attempts go in vein.

The Setting Of Mirrors:

Before performing the practical driving tests, the examiners defaced the directions of the mirrors to check either you set them according to the rules or not. When they handover you the car to perform the driving test, always check both side mirrors and front mirror. If you’re feeling some trouble while driving the car, most of the chances that the examiners defaced the mirrors. So, it is very necessary to set the mirrors before driving the car. Most of the candidates ignore the mirror; that’s why examiners failed them to get the license.

Control at Steering:

Most of the people did not hand the steering in the proper way while turning or driving the car. Examiner will notice it, and it causes the failure of your driving test. The solution to avoid this mistake is very easy. When you start learning to drive, ask your instructor to teach you how to handle the steering in a proper way. This will help you a lot to perform your driving test and not give a chance to your examiners to fail your driving test.

Poor Response to Road Signs: 

There are many signs are there on the walls and polls around the road to alert the drivers. At the driving test track, the examiners hung many signs to check the attention of the candidate while driving a car. If you didn’t respond to the sign quickly, it might cause the failure of your driving test. You have to give a lot of importance to the side road signs while performing your driving test.

Positioning While Driving:  

According to the laws of driving by the government, you’ve to sit in the proper way while driving the car. Poor positioning style or posture will surely lead you toward failure. It is very important to sit in the proper way while you are driving a test because the examiner will surely notice this factor and then decides you to fail or pass the driving test.

These are the 5 most common mistakes while performing the practical driving test that leads you toward failure.

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