History is not only influenced by the whims of monarchs. In fact, powerful whims are often shaped by something as precious as gemstones. Many famous gems have a history of hundreds of years, how they have been passed through many notable hands, stolen, fought, and even killed by various famous hands. Although there are more than a hundred famous stones, some are famous for their sheer beauty, while others are famous for the stories related to them. 

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Following are the top 5 of legendary gemstones, which have greatly changed the course of history and still weave their charm even today. 

  • The Hope Diamond

According to legend, “The Hope Diamond” was the eye of a goddess in a temple buried in the Indian jungle, deep in the Coleroon River. Others say that “French Blue” was part of a larger diamond called Tavernier Blue. Despite the different origin stories, all accounts agree that this rare blue diamond arrived in France in the late 17th century and was purchased by King Louis XIV in 1668. However, during the French Revolution, the diamond made its way to London under mysterious situations and was in charge of the famous banker Thomas Hope. The name of the diamond is now widely known. However, the shadow of its dark past looms over the diamonds, and the Hope Diamond is said to be cursed for the deaths of many of its owners. Today, this famous stone lives in the Smithsonian Museum, away from personal property. 

  • The Koh-i-Noor

When the King of Iran (Shah) set his sights on this magnificent stone in 1739, he shouted “Koh-i-Noor” which means mountain of lights. It was mined Kollur mines of Andhra Pradesh in India in the early 13th century and from then it has changed a number of hands due to war damage. In 1839, the British seize the diamonds in Punjab and handed them over to Queen Victoria. The British royal family believes that this gem will bring bad luck to any male who owns it, so its inheritance rights passed through the female blood. Kohinoor is considered one of the most expensive diamonds on the Queen’s crown. 

  • The Black Prince’s Ruby

The polished, uncut stone is mined in present-day Tajikistan and is part of Abu Saed, the huge collection of the Moorish Prince of Granada in the 14th century. But his wealth attracted the attention of the cruel Don Pedro, who murdered him during the parliamentary process in Seville. King Pedro the Cruel, king of Castile gave the stone to Edward the Black Prince on the victory of Nájera in 1367 to help him suppress the revolution led by his illegitimate brother. It has belonged to the ruler of England since 1367 and is one of the oldest crown jewels. 

The Black Prince’s ruby is a large red-colored gem set in the Maltese cross in front of England’s imperial state crown. It is not a ruby, but it is one of the largest gem-quality red spinels in the world Also if you want to know the history of Assignment Help Vancouver then you can take hire top native writers without hesitations.  

  • The Star of India

The Star of India weighs 563.35 carats and goes back to Sri Lanka 300 years ago. This gemstone is one of the largest start sapphires in this world. This gemstone is considered a star because the mineral rutile in the gemstone is reflected off by the light and is polished into a dome shape to enhance its beauty. Donated by JP Morgan to the American Museum of Natural History in 1900, it was stolen along with many other famous diamonds like the eagle diamond by Jack Murphy or Murph the Smurf, in 1964, and also with the Delong Star Ruby and the Midnight star. The diamond was rescued at a price of $25,000 and later found in the locker room of the Miami bus station. 

  • Pearl of Lao Tzu

This pearl is believed to be the largest known pearl in the world and was discovered by a Filipino diver. It was later acquired by American Wilburn Cobb in the Philippines in the 1930s. Because of its similarity to the turban, it was previously known as the Pearl of Allah. When Cobb died in 1979, Peter Hoffman and Victor Barbish took money as a loan from Joseph Bonicelli and bought this pearl. Today, this gem is belonged equally to the heirs of these three people and has not been publicly displayed. 

Above 5 gems are the most famous gemstones in the world; besides these, Burmese rubies are also famous gems. You can buy Burmese ruby from any gem seller at a reasonable price.