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Do you consider the best wifi router but don’t know what important things to consider while buying. So don’t worry we are here. In this article, we are going to show you the 5 Most Prominent things that everyone considers before choosing the Wi-Fi router.
Wi-Fi router getting grows rapidly over the world. Accord To research there is 8 Billion wifi router using over the world. Not only house or domestically using but commercially also growing so fast. Getting growing the demand for internet over the world, Indian and US government Collaboration on an internet treaty. In fact, the Indian government focused on building the infrastructure of 5G internet connectivity. Now without taking too much time let’s come to the point.

What important thing for you, when you go to buy a Wi-Fi router.

Firstly you need to know what kind of wifi router do you require? Yes obviously because without known your requirement. It will not clear using capacity. In fact, you should clear in mind what exactly feature you want in a Wi-Fi router and that help you at the time of using it.
Secondly, you should also clear the investing budget. It means without know investing money you can’t make a better decision at the time of purchase/ placing the order, By the way, that really interesting question for everyone.
Lastly, Did you take the time to consult product reviews? If no then go ahead for #11 Best Wi-Fi routers Buying Guides & Reviews!

Now let’s understand 5 important things:

Smart Home Integration

Nowadays, there are no gadgets that come in the market that doesn’t have smart home integration. Smart home integration means the device comes with sensors that work on voice command and auto manage by your smartphone. In the smartphone, you can control it with the help of applications of a Wi-Fi router. Every company already update the device application then you can go to download it from the Play Store or App Store. It will better option to buy a wifi router that comes with Amazon Alexa assistant or Google Assistant. These assistants help you to control your device by voice command and save your time and unnecessary efforts.

Modern USB 3.0 USB Port

Did you know, there are 56% of router users (over the world) using a single USB router. According to Router manufacturers, they have been manufacturing routers since 2018. In fact, the latest buying router comes with 3.0 USB ports. It helps to connect with external devices such as printers, external hard drives, pen drives,s, and other external devices. One of the latest Wi-Fi routers TP-Link AC6000 that comes with a types-C USB port for connecting with the latest smartphone.

Having their own application in Wi-Fi Router

Time is the most precious asset since 2021 then why should we live like a traditional time-consuming concept. Even all routers companies already have given time-saving features in their application. It was the biggest problem when anyone connects it with the devices and that consume much time. In this digital world, you don’t need to give unnecessary effort to internet connectivity. You should be focus only on work and no need to take tension just being calmly and living in hustle Free State.

The router has a Multi-core processor and more than 512MB of RAM

Can I ask you a simple question? Okay Good!
Are you using a smartphone that contains;
single-core process
less than 512MB Ram
same as less than 8GB ROM
If the answer is no, then how can you go for the down specification. In fact, in the digital era, you require more than 512MB Ram and Multi-core process for 4K stream, internet video calls, data storage, important heavy file storing, and maybe playing high graphical video games such as X-box and PS4.
According to the latest Wi-Fi router that equipped with a 2.4 GHz processor, 1024 MB, and more than 8 GB storage capacity. So when you consider the next or new Wi-Fi router. It should be multi-core and 512 MB RAM for your better experience.
Make sure their ROM would not be creating issues; if money is getting a big concern then you can go for 512MB RAM and Dual-core process.

Router should be Dual-band Tri-band

When somebody requires, new and replacement Wi-Fi router, obviously it means that one wants internet connectivity for heavy work. Basically, the majority of the internet users with the help of routers that use single or in some cases dual bands routers. Generally, dual-band router means about their frequency such as 2.4 GHz. Although, dual-band works with standards Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) or the latest one such as Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax).
The most profitable thing about the 2.4 GHz router is they compatible with old internet devices and serve them a better speed. Although additional speed depends on the component of the device.
If your requirement for heavy internetwork such as streaming 4K videos, uploading youtube and Instagram videos, and playing X-box/PS4 games, then this tri-band technology really helpful for you. Usually, tri-band or 3 bands having their 5GHz for faster speed such as maximum1.3 GBPS. This is called the real revolution of the internet industry. One of the latest technology that changing the world not only slowly but rapidly. Tri-band gigabyte technology also works on the modern standard routers such as Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) or Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax). This is one of the secure, faster, and user friendly. It can easy to connect with a naming and password as well as a voice command assistant like I-phone Siri.


In this article, We have covered one of the most important tips for you. Hope these tips could be helpful while you gonna buying the best wifi router whether online or offline. If you actually think this post is valuable and solving your problem then share it with your loving one otherwise comments on us on what is the problem with it. Good luck!

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