When we talk about India and its mountains which are known as the tallest mountains in the solar system. we certainly can’t forget Uttarakhand. The Garhwal and Kumaon mountain ranges have huge peak hills and mountains which will attract you beyond imagination. Uttarakhand has always been a muse for all-mountain lovers whether you are looking for an affordable weekend getaway or a long vacation for some adventure sports and spiritual experience. But do you also dream about a place that is less touched and offbeat from mainstream tourism? Well, you have come to the right place! We have curated a few less explored places for you to explore on your next visit to Uttrakhand.

  1. Khurpatal:
  2. Kasar Devi:
  3. Chaukori:
  4. Kanatal:
  5. Jeolikot:

1. KHURPATAL: Located at an elevation of 1600 m from sea level. Khurpatal is just 11kms away from Nainital. Khurpatal is one of the most offbeat and captivating places to visit in Uttarakhand. The place is surrounded by pine and cedar trees. And the slow-moving water lakes filled with small fishes are worth the visit.

Major Attractions: Kilbury road, Khurpaa Taal, Sariyatal.

2. KASAR DEVI: It is a small village in Almora district, Uttarakhand. Well known for Kasar Devi temple, dedicated to Kasar Devi. The holy temple is perched at 2,116 meters above sea level. The divine place is surrounded by pine and deodar trees. Walking down the village is a heavenly experience. When you are there, don’t forget to take hundreds of pictures of this beauty.

Major Attractions: Kasar Devi fest, Lakeside views, trekking.

3. Chaukori: A lesser-known place Chaukori shaped like a bowl has an immense beauty of its own. Chaukori is a small hill station in the Pithoragarh district of the Kumaon region in Uttarakhand. It is 2010 above sea level. This place is filled with all the serenity and solitude a nature lover is looking for. The beauteous village is one of the best places to travel for an impeccable holiday experience. Himalayan Peaks like Nand Kot and Panchachuli are one of many allures around Chaukori village.

Major Attractions: Site seeing, birds, Hindu temples, Pine and deodar trees, Himalayan Peaks, fruits orchards.

4. Kanatal:  The charming hill station of Kanatal is situated at an elevation of 2,590 m above sea level in the Tehri district of Uttarakhand. One of the many delights, the Sukandari Devi temple is the best. Kanatal is a village which has various options to explore on your holiday. To name a few, trekking, sky walking, sightseeing, the old lake are some of the allurements of this place.

Major attractions: The Sukandari Devi temple, snowfall, trekking, Tehri dam, Animals, and plants in the forest.

5. Jeolikot: Another offbeat place in our list is Jeolikot. Do visit the village to find real peace of mind. Jeolikot is situated near the most famous tourist destination Nainital. It is a small hamlet en route from Kathgodam to Nainital. The lush green water lakes and the early morning fog give it an ethereal appearance. Jeolikote is a picturesque view with a perfect combination of mountains and lakes.

Major attractions:  Naini peak, Sattal lake, bird watching.

At last: There are numerous places to travel Uttarakhand which are less touched and less explored. So, next time when you are planning a trip to Dev bhoomi, don’t just check out the mainstream destinations; also explore these awe-inspiring surprises like small helmets and villages.