Most Jews start preparing a huge amount of matzoh for the Passover holidays. This huge amount of matzoh is consumed during Passover time. Matzoh is bland, unseasoned, brittles and crackers sound appetizer. If you are fed up with plain Matzoh and want to try something new this Passover then you are landed at the right place. Luckily, there are various other options in food items along with matzoh that you can eat during the Passover. You should try different Passover meals that are prepared around the whole world. You can prepare unique Passover dishes at home or you can visit a luxurious Passover around the whole world. If you want to enjoy delicious meals during the Passover vacation, contact Passover programs operators. Here, in this article, I am going to share some new Passover recipes that you can try this Passover time:

  1. Hallaq

Are you fed up with the same old apple, cinnamon, and walnut charoset recipe? You should try a new recipe known as hallaq. It is a kind of Persian charoset. This Charoset is prepared by mixing fruits and nut dishes, This Persian style charoset is consumed with matzo. Charoset is an important food item in the Seder plate and it symbolized the mortar used by ancient Jews who were the slaves of Egyptian monarch Pharaoh. The mortar was used by them for the construction of pyramids and ancient Egyptian structure.  The Hallaq does not just symbolize the Jewish Exodus from Egypt, but it also highlights sweet and warm flavors from Iran like pomegranates, raisins, and dates. Hallaq is a delicious and healthy meal that can replace the traditional style of charoset. Also, you do not need to arrange unique ingredients for the preparation of Hallaq. All the main ingredients of Hallaq are easily available in local markets and you can prepare this meal without any trouble.

  1. M’Soki

M’Soki is prepared by using hearty vegetables and lamb soup. This M’Soki meal recipe originated in Tunisia. In Tunisia, Passover is known as the spring festival. People in Tunisia use bright-colored vegetables for the preparation of holiday dishes. Bright colored vegetables are used in this holiday dish to correspond with the colors of spring. Lamb is the most important symbol of Jewish Exodus and it is seen in various Passover dishes around the whole world. M’Soki uses lamp soup for its preparation. Therefore, it is perfect for serving on the Seder plate.

  1. Anjinaras

This delicious Passover dish originated in Turkey. Anjinaras is a sweet and savory Pesach dish. The main ingredient in this dish is artichokes tossed in fragrant Turkish flavors. The artichokes are grown during the spring season. Therefore, it is one of the perfect ingredients for the spring Passover theme.

  1. Boumuelos

Are you looking for a decent Passover dish? Boumuelos is the perfect Pesach dish for you. It is the perfect Passover treat as compared to the matzo brei. Matzo brei is a variation of French toast using matzo crackers. Traditionally, Boumuelos are consumed during the breakfast time after the first Pesach Seder. It is Bulgarian treat and that is why it is named bunuelos. This dish is popular among various South American countries as well as Greece, Turkey, Spain, and Morocco.

  1. Matzo Meal and Cottage Cheese Latkes

Another name of Latkes is potato pancakes. The Latkes will always be in popularity and high demand, especially on the Jewish dinner table. It is a simple Russian recipe and it can replace traditional potatoes with matzoh meal.  By adopting Latkes meal for Passover or Jewish Kosher Tour, you can easily adhere to the rules of Passover meal preparation. You can incorporate Cottage cheese in your Passover snack to bring some twist in taste and flavors. Jews who start stocking up boxes of matzo should always keep in mind that your Passover meals can be delicious. All you need to do is add a little twist in the preparation style. Your Passover meals should not taste bad just like butter herbs.  

Final Words

If you want to add some twist to your Passover meals on your Seder plate, then you must try all the above-mentioned Passover recipes. These recipes will make your Passover tempting and delicious. You can easily find the recipes of the above-mentioned meals on Youtube or cookbooks. All these five different meals have simple recipes and you can easily try them at home.