Amidst the most popular earrings and other jewelry styles, hoop earrings are consistently a favorite, lasting through time and ranging across vast geographic expanses. When most people imagine hoops, though, they’re likely picturing simple silver or gold hoop earrings in a swoop of sleek, shiny metal. As lovely as these conventional hoops can be, you’d be missing out on so many other unique options if these were the only earrings you ever turned to. Feeling FOMO? That’s okay—you can save yourself from that fear with a simple step—try some unconventional hoops the next time you reach for your go-to earrings.

1. Beaded Hoops

Colorful seed beads are a beautiful addition to DIY and fine jewelry alike, and your favorite gold or sterling silver hoop earrings are no exception. But are you looking for a casual burst of color you can add to your favorite outfit with any occasion in mind? These tiny, vivid beads are just the thing to upgrade your favorite fashion, whether it’s paired with a simple tee or a nice pair of jeans.

2. Angled Hoops

Sterling silver or glistening gold hoops, you can look at your simplest basic hoops and see something transformational in a piece like none you’ve ever before seen. Consider, for instance, a new and improved version of your go-to earrings, a pair of thin gold hoops. You might look to these and imagine angles, a boxier take on the simple circle you know and love. This might seem like too subtle a change to make much of a difference, yet it can upgrade your look because of, if not despite, its simplicity.

3. Shaped Hoops

Angles aren’t the only alternative to your slim silver hoop earrings. What other shapes can you imagine in a pair of large or small hoop earrings? Perhaps you’re feeling a little extra lovey-dovey as you put in your new favorite accessories. You might upgrade your gold and silver hoops with a romantic heart shape. But, of course, this isn’t your only option either—whatever geometric shape you can imagine, you’ll likely find it represented in a pair of earrings like these.

4. Multicolor Hoops

While seed beads create a modern favorite for colorful earrings, they aren’t the only colorful pieces you could add to your new-and-improved fine fashion. For instance, you could turn to a beautiful pair of resin, glass, or gemstone earrings. Shells, crystals, textiles, and other materials can join your chosen metal for an incomparable piece of jewelry. Match your earring color scheme to your outfit of choice, or use these as a statement piece in a neutral fashion take. Either way, you’ll find that simple silver or gold jewelry just won’t seem to be the same.

5. Embellished Hoops

For yet another beautiful upgrade, you can count on a variety of embellishments to decorate your small or large hoop earrings. Filigree can craft an elegant pattern, while diamonds, pearls, or crystal chips can accentuate your most stylish piece. In addition, you’ll be able to rest assured that your gold or sterling silver jewelry will never be the same—every piece you own will want to be similarly adorned.

A simple hoop earring typically follows a very particular shape and style. Yet, if you look at the trends of 2021, you’ll see much more than the simple slim sterling silver loop you might be accustomed to. With these upgraded versions of your go-to hoop earring, you can transform any look to create a new and improved version of a basic style. Instead, you can take advantage of vivid colors, elaborate embellishments, sharp angles, pleasing shapes, or even individual gemstones, beads, or textiles to embrace a whole new style.