5 Points to note to build your web page using Google and by Google!

With innumerable advancements imminent in Google technologies, many old operations are updated and many new developments came to pass. These points shall be used judiciously to get your web page featured in the top list in web search as mere keyword listing is now old school and used by all. So, to enable your page to stand out from the crowd these 5 key elements must be taken care of. It will definitely be very fruitful in increasing traffic to your web page. Here it goes…

  1. Use of Advance HTML Tags :

Every single web page makes use of standard HTML tags. These are robotic elements that fail to add to the human touch. Google has advanced to make use of human language in computers but the use of these still makes pages devoid of using it for their benefit. The use of Meta Tags isn’t done optimally on most web pages. That makes it unable to use its ample advantages. To get better optimization, the following points shall be noted. No usage of advanced Html tags makes it difficult for Google to find the most suitable webpage from your website.

Tags like No index, No follow, help Google to determine the less important pages of your site and it focuses all its attention on other web pages which have the potential to gain more traffic. Also, the length and usefulness of the Meta description impact the appearance of your site SERPs. Therefore these advanced tags influence the inclined clicks on your webpage.

  • 1. Include keyword or page content in the page title.
  • 2. Customize meta description to gain more audience attention.
  • 3. Using to the point heading tags, and that too wisely.
  1. Smooth and Superior page experience

A webpage lacking smoothness and having a greater load time are generally sidelined by Google in terms of its poor ranking. The design of the page and the quality in both PC and mobile versions is very significant in deciding your ranking in comparison to innumerable sites listed.

Things to do in order to attain superior page experience :


The performance assessment of your website can be known from various free tools like Sematext, Dotcom – monitor, Google PageSpeed Insights, Google Chrome DevTools, Pingdom Speed Test, etc.


The result of the performance check shall be thoroughly evaluated and analyzed to get to know your weak points. Classify the weak areas as bad and worst. This will help you to act accordingly and provide you with more clear insight.


A webpage design includes two categories – Visual appearance and Functional design. The look of the webpage shall be improved by inserting optimum images, usage of happy colors, quality content description, and sufficient links in between to assist the reader’s search, Captions and taglines shall be worked upon too. Functional Design revolves around the working of web pages. Smooth working shall be ensured. This will need the interference of a trained professional web developer and designer.


After getting through all the aforementioned steps, one must review its actual performance by paying heed to customer responses and by simply comparing the new, modified, and improved version with the old and slow one. Finally, constant monitoring along with the use of browser caching shall be performed in order to stay updated and be in the lead!