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With the growing demand for work, people are moving to Texas looking for a satisfactory pay job to support their families. There is a huge demand for workers for the construction of roads, office buildings or houses. But, at the same time, you cannot ignore the fact that a construction site can be hazardous. Thus, certain rules must be implemented to ensure workers safety. However, strict deadlines or weather conditions can often lead to malfunctioning equipment or fault in the working procedure.

So, are you are an employer concerned about your workers in terms of accidents at work? Or if you are a worker who is worried about paying medical bills due to construction accidents. Then, it is time to consult with a Bayou City Law construction accident lawyer Houston.


Questions that you must ask your construction accident lawyer

If there is a construction accident, one needs to figure out who is responsible for the loss. Would it be the employer? Or, if it was simply the fault of the injured worker? When you are joining hands with a Bayou City Law construction accident lawyer, you must ask –

  • Does the lawyer have any past record of successful handling of compensation claims?
  • What could be the possible benefit you (if you are an employer) need to provide the worker?
  • What are the basic rights (in case you are the worker) if you have suffered from an injury at the workplace?
  • How can the law firm help you in the settlement process, and how much time it will take?
  • If there is any third party involvement, then would they be liable for the construction accident?


Highly capable construction accident lawyer Houston can help implement disciplinary action to ensure the worker’s safety. And, at the same time, they review the case to understand who would be liable for the construction accident.