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Germination is when a seed sprouts and begins to grow into a new plant. When it comes to marijuana, you can produce it in two ways; through cloning or germinating the seeds. However, most marijuana growers prefer seeds to clones because they make a healthy and robust plant. Below are some of the leading methods you can use to germinate your marijuana seeds into a healthy plant.


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Germinating marijuana seeds in cotton paper towel is highly effective as it ensures the seeds are moist and protected. The method requires you to use paper towels soaked in distilled water and ensure no water drips off. These paper towels have to be single-ply to ensure the roots of the marijuana don’t grow into the towels.      

Place the marijuana seeds between the towels and store them between two plates in a polythene bag or an inverted bowl. Plant the seeds at a temperature of around 22 degrees and not next to a windowsill. Within two to five days, the seeds split open and expose a tiny root. At this point, place the seeds into the soil if they are between 0.1 to 0.2 inches long. However, as you move the taproot out of the paper towels, ensure you don’t cause damage as they can dry out, destroying the seeds. Be careful not to touch the taproot during the transplantation process.


This method is a simple process of planting the seeds as it only involves placing them in a jar of lukewarm water. The seeds will float for a little while on the water surface then sink.  You can use this method, especially when your marijuana seeds are hard, as it helps crack open the seed and ensure pre-sprouting. Water germination makes it easier for you so that you don’t have to push the plant through the soil. 

Ensure the water in the jar does not have any added nutrients. However, it should be refilled daily with fresh water and ensure that the temperature is maintained around 18 to 25 degrees. The seeds will split between 2-4 days, and afterwards, you can plant them into the soil. Be careful when handling your seeds as they are fragile, and any harm you cause may hinder their development.


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Planting directly into the soil is the most successful method of growing your marijuana seeds as you won’t have to worry about causing harm to the plant while transplanting. There is also zero interference as the root gets protected by the soil. The marijuana seed grows and germinates naturally as its taproot grows directly into the ground. Here is how to use this method;

  • Dig a hole that is 0.5 inches deep. 
  • Ensure the soil has mild fertilizer with a ph. of around six as this particular soil will have minerals that will help the seed thrive. 
  • Do not add nutrients to the earth even if the soil is potted because this soil already has enough nutrients, and doing this causes nutrient overdose that kills the plant.



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A peat pellet is compressed peat held together by a biodegradable fine mesh netting containing decayed vegetable matter. First, to germinate using this method, add water to the pellet to enlarge its size and form a dense soil container full of minerals suitable for growing marijuana seeds. Secondly, prepare the pellets by soaking them in warm water, then finally, place the seeds in the pellet. After a few days, the roots will pop out of the pellet.

At this stage, you can move the peat pellet to the soil or your preferred environment. The upside of this method is that it’s easy to use, especially for beginners, and has a fast germination rate. You also don’t have to worry about preparing the pellet if you can’t, as it is purchasable at an affordable price.



Rockwool is mineral wool that is made from volcanic rock and contains ballast and limestone. However, the pH of Rockwool is 7.0, so it has to be adjusted to suit the conditions of marijuana seeds. You can do this by soaking the Rockwool plug into the water for a day, and since water has a pH of 5.5, it will set the environment right for the seeds to sprout. Remember also to exercise caution when using this method as it’s unfavorable for your health. So use gloves and cover your mouth and eyes. This method won’t be appropriate for a beginner, but it is best suited for one who prefers to grow marijuana hydroponically.



The appropriate germination method is the one that works best for you. The growing environment for the marijuana seeds highly affects their germination. So, ensure the process you use; the temperature and level of moisture will make the seeds sprout and be strong.