Diets and meal plans have hundreds of dishes and snacks to choose from. These hundred meal schedules are all dependent upon salads. If you are a sweet tooth, then you must be fond of fruit salads! Fruits are an extremely healthy form of nutrition and minerals required for the development and growth of the body. Fruits are not only juices and sweetness, but they contain important fibre, vitamins, acids such as antioxidants and flavonoids. Fruit salads are the ultimate snack you can adopt in your lifestyle to remain healthier and active. If you love making new recipes such as Portuguese fruit salads, the following tips can benefit you in amazing ways!

Buy the In-Season Fruits 

What Fruit Is in Season When

Never go for fruits that are artificially modified against the season. They are not originals and can come from all over the world. Imported fruit is often bruised, overripe, and unbeneficial for you. Even such fruits do not have a genuine taste and lack flavour. They will just ruin your fruit salad if you add them. It is best to avoid fruits which you are unsure whether they are in season or not. Many fruits are available all-round the year, but that should not allure you to buy them while you are on a diet. 

Eat Rainbows 

An edible rainbow of nummy fruits and vegetables - Sustainable Table

Instead of eating the same boring fruits like bananas and apples every day in a bowl, it is best to add some extra ingredients to your bowl too. Give a change of taste to your salad every few days and chop some colours and textures to it. Too mushy and ripe fruits can make it taste like an unblended smoothie! You better put some blueberries, raspberries and strawberries into your salad in summer. Similarly, add some fresh green kiwis and golden giant mangoes to add extra flavour and nutrition to your bowl. The best thing about some fruits is they come in varieties! Grapes, either red or green, oranges, kinnow or tangerines can add different tastes each time you mix them. It is better to add some soft and tender textured fruits together and make up the perfect bowl to devour all alone! If you want some red in your fruit bowl, add blood oranges or cherries, but avoid watermelons! They just soak everything in the bowl and makes the salad watery. You can separately take a bowl of watermelon drizzled with black salt if you want. 

Store Them Too

 For the days when you do not feel like making a fruit salad, you can store your fruits in airtight bowls too! Make fruit salad for every day of the week for storage purposes and take a box of snacks from the fridge whenever you are in a mood. Avoid creams though; it contains high calories and fatty acids if you plan for a creamy fruit salad. Prevent them from turning brown by adding some natural preservatives such as lemon. 

Add a Hint of Juice to Your Snack 

Once you have done chopping off the red bloom cherries and soaked pineapples for your fruit salad, add the pure juice of fruits. Avoid adding preservative drinks such as juice boxes and juice packets because they have close to no nutrition and plenty of calories. You can squeeze fresh juice of oranges, limes and lemons if you want a drizzle of extra flavour to your salad. Lemons are a great source of reducing fat that works as a weight loss ingredient in your meals. Furthermore, citric acid tends to eliminate uric acid accumulations and it can help in maintaining blood pressure levels too. Some fruits are extremely beneficial for diabetic patients, such as apples. The average person must eat two bananas per day, but not for people who have disturbed sugar levels. You can make a cocktail bowl too once a week with extra fruits if you love cheat days! 

Select Correct Fruits 

Some fruits cannot digest properly together. Research some points on this before you start experimenting. Avoid berries with grapefruits and tangy fruits with extra sweet ones. For example, mixing peaches and bananas can upset the stomach and cause nausea. The acidic fruits are incompatible with sub-acidic ones. They hamper digestion and cause mild headaches. 

It was all about the basic 5 tips on fruits salads.