There are little things more relaxing than getting a decent massage. Currently, people seem more stressed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges it has brought about. Therefore, services such as body massage are in higher demand than ever before. As a result, whether your massage client is new and anxious or an old-timer with high expectations, it is essential to give them a positive experience.

When dealing with a new massage client, there is only one chance to make a bizarre first impression. However, most clients meet and form an opinion in seconds about you and your massage therapy practice. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure your clients feel good about doing business with you and form a positive opinion about your massage services.

It can be a tiresome task to run an effective massage therapy. Also, you are likely to face numerous challenges in your journey to grow and become a successful massage therapist. However, you can do kinds of stuff to enormously increase your chances of surviving and flourishing. Below are five tips to give a good massage experience to your clients.

1. Work on yourself

Looking after yourself is incredibly a critical way to give a good massage experience to your customers. You would not wish to preach what you don’t practice, so you need to take time to add relaxation to your life. It is hard to offer your client the best quality service when you are not feeling at your best. Standing on your feet all day may take a toll on you. Therefore, make time to do things you enjoy doing and rest.

Additionally, working on yourself may also include optimization of the environment where you work. Your surroundings play an essential role in making your client choose to come back. To give a good massage experience to your clients, you must tap into the following senses effectively.

  • Sight – Is your parlor visually attractive? Warm colors and a hygienic environment can make clients feel calm before their massage.
  • Sound – Comforting music can help your clients relax. Always include a wide variety of music types and ask your clients their preferences.
  • Scent – Sweet smells of candles and crucial oils can help put your client in a sweet state of mind.
  • Touch – You not only need your sheets to have a fresh smell, but a soft pillow and an additional mattress can make your client feel like royals.
  • Flavor – Fresh fruit, mint, a glass of wine, and naturally flavored water can boost the overall experience. Simple, low-cost added value treats, and your clients will have a craving to revisit you.

2. Deliver an excellent customer service

If you want to be the most excellent massage therapist in your zone and for your clients to book appointments frequently with you, ensure they are happy with your customer services. For example, extending a simple welcoming, warm hello once a client comes in for an appointment or seeing them off with heartfelt good wishes can make the client keep coming. Always address your clients correctly.

Additionally, practice proper client communication across all networks. For example, use respectful language on emails, phone calls, or on any other channels you might use. Also, always solve problems and promptly address any concerns from your client, mainly if an internal error has caused them to use a massage therapy client intake form.

Clients always remember little things, and Poor customer service can ultimately kill a good relationship with your customer. Therefore, it is paramount to ensure your clients consistently receive ideal customer service.

3. Market your business

Sometimes you will have to shout to get noticed in the current competitive massage market. It is therefore essential to follow the below massage marketing tactics to increase your chances of repeat customers,

  • Loyalty programs

Each person loves an opportunity to earn a free massage or extra services. For example, your customer is eligible to receive an additional twenty minutes on the next massage after four massages. Also, for instance, after eight massages, offer them a free massage. The next option is your annual membership program, which should entice your clients to commit weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly massages and assure a withholding strategy and a steady stream of revenue.

  • Mobile is the way to go

Every client expects an easy way to book an appointment. Consider implementing mobile massage software booking platforms such as websites or a business app.

  • Financial incentives

For example, always come up with incentives such as a certain percentage of the actual cost on the next massage if booked within thirty days, which can considerably upsurge the probability of a follow-up visit.

  • Emails

Always capture every client’s email. Sending an email to your customers as you check whether they are ok can significantly increase your connection and retention of your clients. For example, you can send a monthly e-newsletter using massage therapy software with soap notes to give your clients tips to help reduce pain and stress.

4. Communicate with your customers

A good relationship is based on communication. Therefore, keeping your clients informed gives them a good massage experience. Constant communication lets your customers know about any new offers, services, or essential information that they may need to know. Additionally, be reminding your clients about their upcoming appointments either via email, phone call, or any other massage therapy software. When talking with your clients, use active listening skills to comprehend what will occur during the session and the expected results.

5. Focus on cleanliness

Cleanliness is essential when building an ideal massage business. To promote hygiene, remove used linens promptly to a storage area and ensure that each massage table is thoroughly cleaned between appointments. Moreover, receptions and waiting rooms are the first and the last thing your clients will see when interacting with your business; make sure they are clean and orderly. Even if all your business areas are neat, a filthy restroom can be an overwhelming challenge reputation-wise. Therefore, make sure to clean them regularly.


By paying attention to all the facts and following the above five tips, you will have pleased clients who can’t wait to return for more services. Furthermore, incorporating the discussed elements into your massage business will give you an upper hand amongst your competitors.