Getting health insurance is more important than any other type of insurance. Therefore, travel shield insurance is designed for Canadian patients who are traveling for either Dental surgery, Elective surgery, Cosmetic surgery, or for the procedure of In-vitro fertilization.

There are also many other types of health insurance. To educate you on them, here is a guide to finding out what insurance you do require at the moment and which types might not benefit you much.


  1. New Immigrant Insurance

If you have recently moved to Canada permanently, you might be too busy with unpacking and preparing for the new chapter of your life. However, you still need to make sure you apply for New Immigrants Insurance for the starting 2 to 3 months before your arrival. This is essential, as most provinces in Canada have a waiting period before one can benefit from public health insurance. That’s why applying for private insurance, which provides medical emergency coverage can not be more recommended.

Since medical services in Canada are highly expensive, not getting any insurance is placing you at risk of facing bills that range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Therefore, you will be at risk of facing hefty bills if you fall ill or get injured during the waiting period.

It is best for new Canadian residents to apply for the New Immigrants Insurance Policy, as it will help them to avoid high medical expenses and long waiting periods.


  1. Returning Canadian Insurance

This insurance policy is not too different from the new immigrant policy. As there are similar rules applied if you are a PR-holder who is returning to their home in Canada or if you are a Candian citizen.

In case you have been away from Canada for a duration of more than 6 months, then you would be necessitated to apply again for Provincial Health Insurance. Before you start enjoying the perks of provincial health, you are needed to wait for three months.

In the meantime, you can also apply for Medical Insurance for Returning Canadians, which will protect your bank account from unforeseen financial turmoil. Just make sure before your government insurance gets reactivated, you are covered by good medical emergency insurance.


  1. Visitor Insurance

If you are coming to Canada to enjoy the picturesque scenery, or just to see your family, then you should know that the government of Canada encourages all kinds of travelers coming to Canada to get a Visitors Insurance Policy.

Another occasion, ideal to get Visitor Insurance, is when your previous permit for staying temporarily has expired and your application for getting a new permit is underway. This is also called  “implied status” and in such cases, you are permitted to stay in the country before anything gets decided.

Visitor Insurance is formed to cover all the potential medical costs if unanticipated sickness strikes you. Moreover, getting insurance allows you to enjoy Canada to the fullest, without worrying about high costs of emergency medical services, that you might need during your stay.


  1. Super Visa Insurance

This insurance allows Canadian citizens to invite their parents and grandparents to come to visit them in the country and stay for a couple of years every time they visit.

The main requirement for applying for a Super Visa is getting medical insurance, which stays valid for one year and offers coverage of 100,000 Canadian dollars.


  1. Foreign Worker Insurance(IEC)

To get Foreign Worker Insurance, first, make sure that your insurance is valid till your entire stay in Canada. If at the time of your arrival, you do not have the insurance, there is a great likelihood that your entry would be denied.

Although the policy itself is self-explanatory, IES insurance must meet certain standards to be acceptable. Every policy considered by the applicant must provide coverage for emergency medical care and hospitalization.

While making a purchase for IEC insurance, it is essential to review the additional perks as well as the degree of coverage provided by the policy.