Wallets are a basic yet necessary accessory. It not only adds style to a look but also offers functionality. Wallets have been around for ages. At first, wallets were used as an essential item, but today with fashion reaching new heights every day, wallets have also become an item that enhances the style statement.

From formal wallets to streetwear wallets, there are countless types of stylish wallets for men and women. These wallets not only look stylish but also fulfil wallet needs. Take a look at the collection of fashionable Urban Monkey Wallets.

The hip line wallets by Urban Monkey match perfectly with a snazzy look. Different kinds of wallets come with a distinctive style of closure. So, before going out on the search for a perfect wallet, take a look at the types of wallet closures that make it a good buy.

Below are the 5 common types of Wallet closures.

  • Magnetic Closure

Wallets with magnetic closures offer easy access to things stored in them. Magnetic closure wallets are popular nowadays. Find different kinds of magnetic closure on Urban Monkey wallets. Pick a favourite from a wide range of trendy wallets and complete any hip outfit.

  • Zipper Closure

Zipper closures are the most common type of wallet closure. Zipper closures keep the valuables secure. Zip wallets also provide easy use. Open and close whenever you want without any hassle. 

There are two kinds of zipper closures, one with a zip on the top and the other one that goes all the way around the wallet. Choose from a broad collection of zippered closure streetwear wallets for men and women at Urban Monkey.

  • Clasp Closure

Clasp closure uses a metal lock that needs to be twisted to open and close. Clasp closures are mostly found in pouches and clutches. 

  • Velcro Closure

Velcro closures are also among the common types of closures. Velcro closure helps to keep your valuable tucked in securely. Find numerous streetwear wallets with velcro closure on Urban Monkey. Browse through an array of stylish wallets for men and women that will elevate any outfit any day.

  • Button Closure

Wallets with button closure have been here for a long time. Even today, button closures can be found in most men’s and women’s wallet styles. Button closure offers convenience in closing and opening. It also keeps the valuables securely in one place.

If you are looking for wallets with different styles, take a look at Urban Monkey for hip styles. They have the best pieces specially designed for street culture.