With so many distractions in our environment, anyone is bound to lose their focus from what they are supposed to do. We all can agree to the fact that, today we have a greater number of distractions than we ever had before. Be it working on a side hustle, or studying for your major, putting your focus into things is immensely important.

Luckily, there are a few hacks out there that you can apply to your daily life, and increase your concentration. This post brings you five helpful ways using which you can optimize your work and have a laser-sharp focus on your tasks.

1. Get Better Sleep

The time you spend away from work has a lot to do with how you will perform while working. We spend at least one-third of our day sleeping. So, it does make sense to make it the most comfortable time. A lot of us are now affected with poor sleep patterns that keep us tired and lower than our optimal potential throughout our day.

Using effective sleep aids can help you achieve a good quality sleep all the time. Wellness supplements like Delta 10 THC can help relax people better and promote better sleep. One can improve sleep immensely with Delta 10 gummies. With a regular good quality 8-hour sleep, you will notice the difference in your concentration levels.

2. Embrace Nature

It can be a great idea to spend time with nature as it can help you stay calm. We encounter numerous instances throughout your work-time. So, find yourself a calm lake, or spend a few days in the mountains now and then.

Being out there in the green will let you soak in the environment. You’ll be able to get your mind off things that distract you. Being undistracted is no-less a superpower. Being out there certainly makes a difference.

3. Fix Your Diet

You are what you eat may be a cliché to some but it is indeed true. If your diet does not involve everything that your brain needs to function at its optimal, it is unlikely that you can work at your hundred percent. Bring out the best of your mind and body by eating what is right for you.

Include more fibre and fruits in your diet and make sure that you are not skipping on your vitamins. An appointment with a dietician can help you find out what you are missing in your food and get a personalized plan for yourself.

4. Cut Down Screen-Time

More screen-time equals more distractions. It can ruin your sleep patterns and your mind wanders everywhere. Make a note on how much time you are spending on your phones and television. There are apps that help you restrict your time spent on such devices. These are easily available on App Store and Play Store.

It is crucial that you do not try to eliminate your screen usage completely but bring it down with time. Learn and make a note of the triggers that distract you from your task to your mobile phones and other devices. Work on avoiding and handling these triggers.

5. Work in Short Bursts

An average human has the best attention span of 20 minutes. Dividing your work in small chunks so that you can put your complete focus and energy in them can help you achieve the best possible work. While doing this, it is important to plan the division of your work properly, so that your work is optimized completely. A to-do list or a time-log can help you achieve your goals of completing your work divided into smaller tasks.

Using these tricks and suggestions, you can increase your concentration levels. They are easy to implement and will take you very little effort to incorporate in your daily lives.