General beauty care in India has given rise to the demand for various skincare products. Whiteheads have become one of the common concerns among the consumer as it is not easily removed. Whiteheads can lead to skin complications like irritation on the skin and can even lead to permanent marking. Therefore it is crucial to deal with whiteheads.

Few natural techniques deal with whiteheads.

Since the whiteheads are more closed within the skin pores, they cannot be removed simply by prickling. Hence, below are some of the easy techniques you could use to remove whiteheads.

  1. Homemade remedy using honey and cinnamon

One of the easiest and affordable ways to remove whiteheads is to use a homemade remedy. Honey and cinnamon are something that is commonly found at most of the household’s kitchen counters. Honey helps in reducing inflammation and removing bacteria. At the same time, cinnamon has potential anti-microbial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Use cinnamon powder and honey in the ratio of 1:2. Apply it to the affected area. After at least 15 minutes, rinse off your face. In case you experience any irritation, itching, or similar reaction, then immediately wash your face.

  1. Application of vitamin A cream

Vitamin A is packed with powerful antioxidant properties. The products that have vitamin A can reduce the redness and inflammation on the skin while promoting healthy cell growth. Apply the cream onto your face twice a day for a better result. When you go out on a sunny day, be sure to apply sunblock before applying vitamin A cream, as the product is prone to cause redness or sensitivity to the skin.

  1. Using retinoid cream

Whiteheads are generally formed when your skin pores are clogged with dead skin cells, oil, or bacteria. It can be prevented by applying retinoid cream on the face. Retinoid cream, although it is known for its anti-aging use, However cream should be applied on the entire face and not on the affected spot.

  1. Using exfoliants

Exfoliants help in removing whiteheads. It is generally applied to make the skin texture more smooth by the removal of dead skin cells. However, be sure to select exfoliants that have a gentle formula to prevent skin irritation and dryness.

  1. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is rich in natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. All these are essential for removing whiteheads from the skin. Therefore, use skincare products that have tea tree oil as an ingredient.

Few skincare tips for preventing whiteheads

Given below are some of the skincare tips for preventing whiteheads;

  • Use lukewarm water to cleanse your skin.
  • Avoid using scrubs, face wash, etc., with a strong formula unless necessary.
  • Apply those sunscreens that are specifically designed for the face.


It is important to wash your face after you have applied face care makeup products to prevent whiteheads, blackheads, and acne. Products catered by Shahnaz Husain are known to be good for skin health due to their emphasis on organic and ayurvedic ingredients. Thereby reducing the possibility of developing any whiteheads on the skin.