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There are multiple ways to consume CBD. With more people realizing the benefits of marijuana, the ways to consume it have also been rising in tandem. People are looking for easier and more effective ways to consume marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes. Every method of consumption has its benefits based on your reason for use. 


And if you want to try marijuana in more ways than one, given below are a few suggestions that will come in handy for you. Read on to know which of these methods you have already tried. And find the one that you want to go for.


    1. Dabbing


Dabs are concentrated forms of cannabis made by the extraction of THC and other cannabinoids from the plant. It usually needs a solvent like ethanol, butane, or carbon dioxide. The result is a sticky oil called RSO, budder, shatter, wax, or butane hash oil (BHO). 


There are healthier concentrates made without utilizing any solvents or chemicals. Kief, ice water hash, and rosin are all different solventless concentrates.


It can be a tricky process needing particular equipment like a torch, e-nail, or dab rig. If dabbing, take a small amount of wax concentrate and put it on a vaporizer or rig. Afterward, heat it to release the ingredients while the user inhales the smoke. 


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    2. Capsules or Pills


THC capsules, also called canna caps, have become quite the popular mode of ingesting marijuana. These pills have marijuana, usually suspended in oils. The pros of the application make it entirely suitable for people facing respiratory issues. Also, it delivers an accurate dose that helps treat multiple conditions. 


The issue is that the digestive mechanism of the body might interfere with the absorption in the bloodstream. Marijuana pills may offer a safe way to consume cannabinoids. Capsules are easy to introduce in your daily life.


    3. Bongs


Bongs are the kind of water pipe used with CBD flowers favored by highly experienced smokers. They can vastly range in design and size and utilize the water to cool the smoke before it starts hitting your lungs, which makes it smoother to inhale. 


Also, the water acts as a filter while removing some of the carcinogens in the smoke. This fact and that they offer an intense, fast high and the ease of high dose inhalations makes bongs a great way to consume marijuana.


Decarboxylation before smoking in the bong and other methods will cause a more sedated and heavier high because of the rising production of CBN at the time of the process.


    4. Joints


The joint is the most widely used and common way of smoking weed. They are easy to make and only need two things: rolling papers and buds. Filters are necessary, too. If you are not using filters yet, you’re simply missing out. There is an ever-evolving variety of papers found of different sizes. Right from wood pulp, hemp to flavored – the kind of paper you select will also impact the experience you have. 


Paper innovation is unending, right from trends like transparent, cellulose-based rolling papers to terpene-enhanced papers. All kinds of rolling papers are made to offer you an even, smooth burn. Hence, most of the regular users prefer to go for a joint. You can roll the buds in any chosen paper and then light it up to smoke.


    5. Tinctures


The tinctures are either oil-based or alcoholic extracts that you can take sublingually or incorporate into several CBD recipes. Sublingual administration of the CBD tinctures has a slower uptake than smoking. 


However, it works significantly faster than edibles. The effect lasts longer than smoking and shorter than edibles. In multiple ways, a sublingual administration offers the best of both worlds. It is an underutilized mode of consumption. If edibles and smoking are not up to your alley, you need to give tinctures a try.


As they are absorbed pretty fast in the bloodstream, sublingual marijuana therapies are excellent for those looking for a long-lasting and fast dose of cannabinoids. As the dose is easy to regulate and measure, tinctures are loved by all kinds of users.


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    6. Edibles


Edibles refer to all kinds of food items that have cannabis. Cannabis ice cream and weed cookies are the best examples, but you will also find snacks, candies, and even cooking ingredients. The high from the edibles take about two hours to hit. 


However, it is more intense than other methods of ingestion and might last longer. Edibles do not need THC, which means indulgence will not get you stoned.


Due to this, many medicinal users depend on edibles for pain relief, particularly when they have chronic pain

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The Endnote

The benefits of CBD remain the same no matter which method of consumption you choose. The critical thing to decide here is the method that gives you maximum comfort. You might need to try a few to know the one that is suitable for you. Thus, opt for the six ways mentioned above and try them one by one. Make sure not to indulge in it all at once. And of course, go slow with each process, mainly if you are just a beginner!