More often than not home inspection Northeast Houston TX, brings out issues in a home that have been on the making for years due to neglect and improper maintenance. First-time homeowners may not know how to take off their houses well enough to avoid any long term problems. They may end up making mistakes that can cost them hundreds of dollars in repairs. Here are six of the common maintenance mistakes that homeowners make.

  1. Of fans and furnaces

You may think that furnace filters and bathroom fans don’t require much maintenance work. However, the filters need to be changed every month or at least once every season. Similarly, bathroom fans need frequent (recommended every six to 12 months) cleaning to get rid of dust, mold, and mildew buildup.

  1. Mowing and gutters

Mowing your lawn may not be the most cheerful of chores to do. However, cutting them short is not good for grass health, as it fosters weed and insect infestation. The same goes for an unmaintained gutter. Therefore, be sure to mow the grass that no more than the top third is cut and regularly clean the gutter.

  1. Asbestos removal

Before 1978, most homes were made of materials that included asbestos, a compound known to cause several health problems. However, this is only true when the material has crumbled or pulverized. Therefore, if your building material is not damaged, you need to worry about removing it.

  1. Dishwashers and smoke alarms

Since dishwashers clean our utensils, it is easy to think that they are self-cleaning. However, you need to clean them periodically with vinegar to keep them fresh. Similarly, the best way to test a smoke alarm is not the test button, but by using, some form of smoke like a freshly burned out match.

  1. Swimming pool treatment

People tend to think that pool treatment can be done at any time in the day. However, when you add chlorine to the water in the morning, the UV rays reduce its effectiveness. Therefore, it is always recommended to add chemicals to your swimming pool after sundown.

  1. Dry carpets

Carpets require frequent maintenance work, especially if there was a spill. At times, after you spilled something on the water, you may feel it is dry, and it’s all good. However, in such cases, be sure to check the subfloor to prevent mold growth.


Home maintenance is vital to keeping a house healthy. However, following the right practices are just as important. Making certain mistakes with home care can lead to long-term issues that cost a long of money or maybe even fail to close a sale. Avoiding such follies can help save you thousands of dollars on unnecessary damages.