Every year new trends come up, and they define the world of interior decoration. It is also true for rugs, similarly to any other home decorative item. Barclay Butera Rugs are perfect for adding style to your home.

Here are the following styles that can help to give a modern look to your home.

Natural fibers

Area rugs are made up of many natural materials such as silk and wool. Many designs are there that can take your home look one step further towards nature. Lightly dyed and dyed rugs are made with eco-friendly materials like sisal are growing rapidly. Jute is another preferred choice of people. These materials offer you a soft feel and luxurious look.

Silk and wool are the premium quality material that offers the pleasant feel and created a cozy and welcoming environment. The unexpected strength of sisal and jute increases the use of indoor rugs.


The use of the area rug layer helps in clearly defining the various areas of your home. From the visual perspective, layering creates interesting opportunities for adding depth to the appearance of your home. The addition of a bolder area rug on the top of the larger area rug makes a contrasted and incredible look. You can mix the two bolder patterns to create a stunning aesthetic.

Patterned area rugs

Area rugs are vital for the interior decoration of your home. The most popular styles include cooler tones, more geometric and abstract rug designs. People like warmer and more attractive colors. Among all the area rugs, oriental rugs have become the preferred choice of many homeowners.

Hand-woven rugs

The manufacturing of handmade rugs is a challenging task. It is made in significantly less quantity, as it requires more time. It is also the reason that makes them highly desirable.

The manufacturers are pushing limits by using advanced weaving techniques like combining high and low piles for creating depth. These area rugs add a sense of history to the area rugs. Many area rugs are passed down by the homeowners, thanks to their high quality and durability.

Neutral hues

The use of neutral hues in the area rugs is becoming a trend these days. The choices of different colors help to get a more inviting and welcoming feel. The earthy and neutral tones are a reaction against other bolder options that seems cold and distant. The neutral hues are also widely used in different home d├ęcor areas.

Dhurrie Rugs

These area rugs are made from natural materials, including wool, cotton, jute, and silk. The patterns used in the area rugs are filled with different kinds of colors. The designs used in this kind of area rugs are bold and geometric, but some of the designs are more intricate. These wallpapers are thin as compared to other types of rugs. It creates a soft and pleasant feel in your space. They go perfectly with the cozy and well-lit areas.

Get the best rug

If you plan to add rugs to your home, then Barclay Butera Rugs are an appropriate choice. You can get any kind of look from vintage to antique to modern. Visit their online store and buy the right piece to fulfill your needs.