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If you think of getting into vaping, you will best be affronted by thousands of options in flavors and blends. As a new vaper, it can have been extremely confusing and intimidating, even to a certain degree. It is easy to start with the wrong flavor for your palate and be completely put off vaping altogether. Choosing a good flavor depending on your likes and dislikes is very important to make sure this does not happen. 


Two things matter in your choice of e juice, the flavor and the ratio of PG to VG or propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin ratio. The flavor is usually what the name suggests. The PG/VG ratio, however, is slightly technical. If you are looking for more significant clouds, you should go for a higher VG level. For a throatier hit, look for a higher level of PG. 


Now the technicalities are out of the way, here are some universally popular vaping flavors divided into categories that can be a good starting point for your introduction to vaping. 


  1. Candy


Of the many broad categories of e juice flavors, candy is almost and universal favorite. It is tough to go wrong with a candy flavor, which is a good starting point for many new vapers. These flavors are fun and bring back a lot of nostalgia for many people. It encapsulates the basics of vaping culture perfectly. 


At its very core, vaping is supposed to be a fun reprieve from your daily life, and a candy flavor is a great way to go about this. An excellent way to think of it is – enjoy the mouth-watering flavors of candy without any calories. 


Many candy flavors are great crowd-pleasers. The best vape juice flavors in this category, however, will be Bubblegum or strawberry. They are the perfect mix of watermelon candy bubblegum with hints of strawberry and raspberry. The excellent after-taste it leaves is icy in the mouth. The best part, you can choose from a range of nicotine levels depending upon your preference. 


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  1. Dessert


Many people have the habit of ending a hearty meal with traditional nicotine delivery systems. By moving to vape, you can do just that and even replace the tobacco flavor with delicious desserts. Choose from an array of dessert options, from apple pie to lemon tart. There are options for cheesecake and even cookies and brownies. Some flavors have complex undertones of sweet and savory to cater to complex palates. It is truly a great experience. 


For this category, ‘I Love Donuts Strawberry’ is apt for those with a penchant for something sweet. If you prefer something punchier, Vape Dinner Lady LemonTart is the way to go for you. 


  1. Drink


Beverages have served as inspirations for e juice for some time now. Their popularity is undisputed, with many people swearing by their favorite drink vape. Manufacturers have also made sure that there are ample options available for people with all tastes. You get different types of tea-flavored vapes, cocktails, alcohols, sodas, and even milkshakes. 


For every other kind of craving, there is a vape option available for you. Many vapers cutting dairy or coffee from their diets have used these flavored e juices to curb the cravings. 


The best coffee-flavored vape is VaporFi Catch Ya Latte. It encapsulates the taste of gourmet coffee perfectly with an underlying hint of chocolate and hazelnut. If you are looking for a winter drink in an e juice, this is a no-brainer for you.


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  1. Food


If you thought having a dessert flavored e juice is innovative, you would be blown away by the variety of non-dessert food options in the market. There is a niche market for the main course flavored vape juice that ranges from breakfast cereal to bacon and even French toast in some instances. If this fascinates you and you would like to try something a little more adventurous than a generic peach bellini or watermelon sugar, this is your forte. 


The Sauce LA Capone is one of the excellent food flavored vape juices. You all love a bowl of good sugary breakfast cereal, and this is the perfect execution of the fruity loop cereal. The nostalgia of school day breakfasts hit hard with this one making it a bestseller. 


  1. Tobacco


The classic of all classics, tobacco, is perhaps why you started to look for a vape to begin with. So, it cannot come as a surprise to you that there is a massive variety of vape e juices that have come to near perfection. Most manufactures, the original ones for sure, have spent their initial years perfecting their signature tobacco flavors. The standard for this, therefore, is relatively high. 


But beyond the basics, there have been many experiments on flavor combinations with tobacco. Interesting varieties that are cult classics in the vape world include caramel vanilla tobacco, which perfectly captures each note and presents the perfect harmony of all flavors. If you are looking for more classic tobacco, Black Note Virginia is ideal for your taste. 


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  1. Fruit


Finally, the most popular of all vape flavor categories is fruit. The appeal for fruit-flavored vapes lies in the fact that they do not typically lend an outright sweet taste to the smoke. Instead, it emulates a more balanced flavor with the perfect amount of tangy and sweet and sour. The most popular flavors are usually strawberries, apples, or peaches. But many people also prefer tropical flavors like pineapple or mango or even a combination of many. Naked 100 Lava Flow with an undertone of coconut with higher notes of strawberry is ideal in this genre. 




The vaping industry has attained massive popularity over the past few years. With this level of popularity comes massive experimentation of flavors and textures. That means that while it might take a few misses to get a hit, there is a flavor for everyone. So, do not worry. Pick your option from these six flavors and have a wonderful experience. But as with everything, you should not go overboard. Start slow, let it suit you, and increase the dose of the juice as per your need.