Today, Social media is playing a very important role in the growth of any business and service. Talk about Real Estate, there are more than 95% of people who get ideas from the internet to get the best deal of buying a house. Approx 80% of realtors or agents use social media to engage the public. If you compare it to another form of advertisement, social media has a 50% success rate to achieve satisfied customers. 

Why is social media one of the best platforms for advertising anything? You all know the answer because people spend more time on social media. Jesse Keyes is a consultant, Advisor, and agent who lives in New York City, USA. 

Now, The 7 ways to use social media for real estate are given in below:

      1.  From Facebook- 

  • Facebook is the need of any real estate realtors because Facebook has more success rates as compared to other social apps. 

    After becoming a realtor or agent, it is a must to make a personal profile on Facebook. People get engaged through this social app, and sometimes become a loyal customer of the agent. 

    Facebook allows you to post pictures, content and to communicate with the customers directly. It also provides an add-in that allows you to target the customers who showed interest to buy a home in your area. 

      2.  From Instagram- 

  • Instagram is the most attractive way of showing pictures of flats & houses and content as well. It is true Facebook has more users but from the last few years, Instagram showed massive growth to attract people and make a daily user. 

    You can update your profile every day, from this you will get more customers. Daily updates engage more people towards the page said, Jesse Keyes. Agents show stylish and modern houses that make effects to different buyers.

      3.  YouTube- 

  • Basically, youtube is a search engine but you can also use it as a social network. For the last 5-7 years, many realtors made a youtube channel and got a huge number of customers. It really happened, today people like to watch videos on youtube, cheap internet is also responsible for increasing the number of users on youtube.

    The best thing about this social network is, you can earn money from videos. That’s why people used to make channels. This is best for business. Jesse Keyes is a consultant, Advisor, and agent who lives in New York City, USA.

      4.  From Twitter- 

  • If you use advanced hashtags and search, it will engage the customers on your page, it can go in trending as well. If you want to use Twitter then you need to follow these points.
    • Determine your audience. 
    • Use the tools as per your requirement and the stuff you want to share with your followers. 
    • Regularly Interacting with the users or followers, showing them good behavior, can help you to attract more customers. 

      5.  From Linkedin- 

  • This social site is not very perfect for real estate, but it can help you to get more customers from this app. You can share the property photos, good content, have a conversation with users, and share other information regarding the market. 

    It can increase your customer, and make your page more powerful and engaged on social media. 

      6.  From Pinterest- 

  • It is one of the most important social apps, there are 125 million users of Pinterest in America. And this is the ideal app for realtors, it helps agents to get customers. 

    In the USA, more than 90% of Pinterest users do deal with agents in this social network. And generally they get good deals. It shows HD quality pictures that attract a large number of people