Do you see a few hello bar samples for inspiration to build your own? hello bar can be a great way to welcome new visitors to your site for the first time. It can also be a crucial time for engaging your returning users too. But how can you create a hello bar that’s both professional viewing and efficient–mainly when you are operating with specific tech skills. Today, we will share our famous hello bar examples to serve you get the right look, style, and messaging for your site. But first, let us get clear on what a hello bar is in the first point.

What Is a Hello Bar?

A hello bar, generally recognized as a floating bar or banner bar, is a short-term campaign that sits on the height or base of your user’s browser screen.

This resting bar often has a welcome message of some sort and can be utilized to:

  • Welcome new visitors
  • Welcome recurring visitors
  • Give company updates
  • Suggest popular content on your post
  • Give a lead magnet
  • And much more

A hello bar is a great option for a popup campaign because it can be less untimely and persist on your user’s screens while they are scanning your content.

That implies you can get more interplay with hello bars while having UX high over your site.

Hello Bar Examples

In this post, we will provide you a few modern hello bar examples from across the web. Then, we will provide a small How to Make It share at the end.

Build Your Mailing List

The first of our hello bar examples is a just floating bar from Active Campaign that shows at the base of the page:

This is an easy floating bar with an email signup form, which runs excellent for making your email marketing list.

Attract New Leads

Advisor Coach also got excellent outcomes by utilizing a floating bar campaign on all of its blog posts. The black and the white hello bar web pages and the yellow call to activity button stand out.

Although we had have gone for more variation to make the button text pop, this floating bar served well for Active Campaign. On those pages, they increased their conversions.

Drive More Sales

Digital Marketer liked our hello bar option so much that they applied it on two sites: their private and TruConversion. This notification bar optin does Yes / No buttons somewhat of an optin form, making it simple to run traffic to the correct landing page. In both facts, they used different colors for their floating bars. They also triggered the concern of dropping out (FOMO) in visitors by setting a specific end date for their offer. The results: an 8.45% growth rate for one hello bar and 6.62% for the other.

Connect With Your Audience

While studying hello bar examples, we saw a great one from Dogs Naturally. This is a particular case because of the copy. It attracts clients with a heavy magnet and a significant number and defines its importance by holding the current year.

Educate Your Site’s Visitors

Here is another productive use of OptinMonster, which is best for content generators. Envira Gallery retains it easy using its floating bar optin to assist visitors in moving farther into the site. Envira’s used a Yes/No form but turned off the No button to control visitors to a bit of pillar content. This is a clever move because it avoids asking for anything upfront and rewards the click with a valuable device. You can use this sort of floating bar to show your visitors content that you think converts.

Offer Lead Magnets

The OptinMonster floating bar optin sample on Jeff Bullas’ site reflects his navigation bar, which implies it leads to blending in when visitors scroll. However, it is pretty active when visitors first land on the site. This black hello bar links compelling social data 5 million guests a year with the enticing offer of free data.

The green call to action button is striking – visitors would not need it.

Create a Sense of Urgency

If you are interested in hello bar examples direct striking the bottom line, check out Kennedy Blue. This dark blue floating bar takes visitors’ notice as it varies with the tint tones on the rest of the site. The white text is striking and linked with the countdown timer and coupon code, which builds urgency for visitors. It is no wonder that this floating bar raises sales by 50%. Also, you might need to hold out our list of 6 amazingly simple floating bar hacks to raise your conversions.


Therefore, these are some of the famous examples of the hello bar that will efficiently attract your viewers in a vast majority. I hope the information helped you and guided you in the right direction. Stay connected with us for more interesting technical facts.