A cool surface and roof is a system that blocks and reflects heat and its harmful rays away from the surface while reducing the heat load and emitting any absorbed solar heat. It lowers the temperature of the roof surface and the building, protecting the roof from thermal shock.

Cooling surface and roof coating systems like Super Therm can reduce cooling energy demand in buildings by up to 20-50% (industry tested). Cold roofs save money, reduce maintenance costs and extend the lifespan of the roof.

Below are 7 top reasons to install a cool surface and roof coating system in your building:

1: Lower your energy costs

When choosing a highly reflective cooling surface and roof coating, such as Super Therm, for your cool surface topcoat, your roof will only allow 5% of the sun’s heat. Compare this to a non-coated/non-cooled roof, which can absorb most of the sun’s heat due to dark paint or other products that allow heat loads. So you will find that there is a huge difference in temperature inside these two buildings. Cool surface and roof systems significantly reduce indoor ambient air temperatures due to their lack of heat absorption and their ability to be highly reflective and withhold heat loads as proven by the US Department of Energy in the case of Super Therm, which has 20 -50% energy savings are visible.

2: Protect your building from solar heat

The sun is your surface’s worst enemy. Intense heat and UV rays are major causes of corrosion and deterioration of the roof. These sun-related problems cause your roof to leak. Installing a cool surface and roof coating system is like sunscreen protecting our skin from the sun; It prevents the degradation of sunlight, blocks harmful UV rays from the roof surface. It is like keeping your building under the shade of a big tree all day.

3: Developed with NASA

SPI Coatings has researched, developed, and tested proven solutions to difficult problems relating to the real world, heat, corrosion, and sealants (Superior Products International II, Inc., ND). It holds the distinction of having scientific research and industry testing relationships with major corporations around the world, including NASA. SPI has worked with NASA on the development of Super Thermo for 6 years and provided us with a lot of great information about it.

4: Lower your life-cycle costs

A cool surface and roof reduce roof maintenance costs and extend the life of the roof beyond that of traditional roofs due to their highly reflective and emitting properties; which ultimately prevents quick deterioration of the roof surface and keeps the ceiling temperature cool, thereby reducing electricity costs and providing natural cooling to your roof

5: Improved comfort and productivity

Inside a building with a cooler surface and roof, the temperature remains lower and fluctuates less. In fact, coating maintains the ambient temperature. This results in greater overall comfort for employees, tenants, and customers, with or without air conditioning.

6: Environmentally sustainable

A cool surface and roof system with sun reflective paint has fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and no harmful or strong odors. They also reduce emissions to the atmosphere by reducing energy consumption and the use of air-conditioning which improve the urban heat island effect. Suraj Reflective Paint is a permanent, highly reflective, cool surface and roof coating system that allows you to renew your roof indefinitely, avoiding a costly teardown and reducing waste that is already over-flowing. Contributes to landfills.

7: Block 95% of the heat

A good roof coating has been globally tested to withstand 95% of heat. Heat consists of conduction, radiation, and convection. Within the heat, you’ll get 3% UV, 44% Visible, and 54% Infrared. Most heat reflective paints work when new, white and clean and are unable to resist heat loads from infrared heat.