The coffee table is the crowning jewel of any living room, as it not only serves as a landing space for your favourite fashion magazines, but it is also the spot that gives birth to your aesthetic sense. There is a sort of science that goes into creating a fabulous coffee table which should be left on experts.  Bamboo WoodWorks is the leading company of handmade furniture in Dubai, which can provide you with stunning custom-made tables for your living room.


However, what you can do yourself is to make sure your coffee table remains neat and attractive, as it will be the place that will catch the most eyes. Be artsy with your coffee table and use the techniques to design it in a way that there is a striking balance between the symmetry and colour story.  Have a look at more tips so you can achieve a stylish and easy display of coffee tables.


  1. Be keen on keeping the balance

Balance is by far the most essential element of a good coffee display. The good news is that getting the right balance is also not the hardest task. To create visual harmony all you need is to be wary of the symmetry, usually, three objects of varying size do the trick.  You can also make shorter and longer piles of your books with an antique vase in the middle.

For styling your coffee table like a pro, get the right sized items. Your items should not be so large that they overwhelm the display or hamper the functionality of the table. Neither should the items be so small that they almost disappear on the table.


  1. Go for Organic Modernism

To give your living room an organic modernism vibe, get two treelike stools and simply place them side by side with upholstered furniture for added texture. Leave the top of the table bare or just place small-sized objects.


  1. Add a tray

To make the contents of your living room to appear to look good together, use a plain white coloured tray!

Using a simple tray will instantly make your living room turn into one unified presentation. Furthermore,  using a try will also allow you to place more objects on your table without making it look like a cluttered mess. Also balancing the accessories on a table can be a bit tricky for some people, so just put one of your vintage collections or a place your favourite sculpture.


  1. Get a leaflike coffee table

If you have an option of customizing your table, you should not necessarily stick to the standard design of three or four-legged coffee tables. Be bold and make a statement with a leaflike cocktail table. Usually, non-traditional looking coffee tables look great if paired with minimalist accessories.


  1. Go Rustic

One cannot go wrong with a rustic style, it seems bold but truly is the safest option. So get your coffee table made out of raw wood and heavy-looking wood mantel. Accessorizing the table copper bowl and wooden box look well-integrated.

Although this style looks good irrespective to the design of your living room, it looks best in neutral and airy space with elevated ceilings.


  1. Overcrowd but with purpose

If you are someone who is not a huge fan of minimalism, you can fill your coffee table, however, you need to make sure it does not look haphazard or cluttered.

So get as many coffee tables as you like and as many accessories, as you feel like displaying, however style tables and the items for the table in a way that it gives a sense of style rather than a sense of clutter!