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Leather furniture is a fashionable addition in homes. It enhances the decor of your home, as it is classy and sophisticated. After purchasing leather furniture, everyone wants their furniture to stay in its attractive, and pristine condition as long as possible.Proper care and maintenance of leather are very important because leather furniture might get dirty, damaged, stained, and discolored with time. Go through the following 7 tricks to maintain the beauty of your leather furniture for many years to come:

  • Do not put shoes on the furniture:

Kick-off your shoes and only wear soft socks when you sit on your leather couch. The decoration on boots or shoes may scratch the leather and damage it. Your shoes also create pressure marks that are too hard to get rid of. Therefore it is better to avoid shoes from your leather furniture.

  • Keep liquid things away from the leather:

Remember, liquids are enemies of leather. The liquid may soak too quickly because leather is a naturally absorbent material. If any liquid soaks inside your leather furniture, it will lead to ugly stains and discolorations.

  • Do not use any cleaners and solvents:

Avoid using random cleaners and solvents for your leather furniture. Any random cleaners can make your leather discolor. Always opt for formulas which are specifically created for cleaning leathers.

  • Regularly vacuum the leather furniture to remove dust and debris:

It is essential to run the vacuum over your leather furniture’s entire surface to make sure the leather furniture is free from debris. To avoid damaging the leather, make sure you don’t apply too much pressure on the leather.

  • Save from heat and harsh light:

It is essential to keep your leather furniture at a safe distance from any heating device like room heater and vent. To prevent your leather furniture from any damage, keep them away from direct sunlight. Moreover, do not blow dry water from your leather furniture.

  • Clean the spills immediately:

To prevent your leather furniture from any damage wipe any spills like water, wine etc. immediately with a dry and soft cloth. It is necessary to clean the spills immediately so that it can turn into a stubborn stain.

  • Apply leather conditioner:

To keep your leather furniture in its best condition, always use leather cream or conditioner to restore its moisture and shine. For best results use a leather conditioner every 6 to 12 months.

As mentioned above, the trick you can apply at your home to maintain the integrity of your leather furniture. But as we know very well, the leather may fade in colour or dry out and crack over time. If you are thinking of replacing your leather furniture, then it’s not the right decision.

Instead of replacing your leather furniture with a new one, it’s time to take professional help for restoring the beauty of your furniture.

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If you are in doubt talk to the experts of De Vere. They are the best people to advice you on cleaning and preserving your leather furniture rather than replacing it.

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