Few people guessed what would follow when the World Wide Web invented in 1989. Web development has been one of the main pillars of today’s web world. We can predict that the future will be bright if webspace trends are anything to go by. Websites of various companies and organizations are constantly integrating.


Research also shows that the product of hours spent on a website by visitors depends on several factors. Have you ever visited a website whose content or graphics did not appeal to you? You probably close the tab if you have. However, if a website design, you will likely stay longer with attractive graphics and content.


What’s the secret?

Most website owners are unaware that there are new web development trends that most businesses are adopting on their sites. You can’t continue to use outdated trends to attract visitors to your website.


The truth is that even today, website visitors are awake. No one wants something that is not enticing and does not meet expectations. 


Web development trends in 2021


Below are any of the trends that the most advanced web developers are using to bring websites to life.


1| Chatbots


When you visit a website and ask a question about something, you may not want a delayed response. Initially, you can send a message to the website and wait for an answer for about 2-3 days.

But that’s not the case nowadays, as chatbots are available to help website owners provide quick answers. These are embedded in websites and set to provide solutions to the most likely questions you might have.

You’ll also see pop-ups or chat tabs with messages asking “How can we help you?” when you visit a site. It’s a chatbot. Fortunately, integrating chatbots into websites saves organizations high staff costs. Organizations are finding that chatbots have advantages over retaining customer service agents.

Excitingly, robots on medical websites design to diagnose patients. They do this based on descriptions provided by patients. It shows how far websites have come.


2| Motion UI


It is one of the most impressive new trends in web development. It’s a better way to increase user interaction on websites. Web developers are also using it to make websites more attractive. Motion UI is a technology that enables the use of animations on websites.

Strictly speaking, it is an extensive library of animations that developers can play and replay. They make most of today’s websites attractive and engaging.

Gender neutrality has also been in the past. To combat this, Google developed a range of animations to replace gender-specific content. They also help to grab the user’s attention.


3| Using one-page apps


To increase the speed of different websites, developers have found a solution: single-page applications. It not only makes websites attractive but also makes them good.

If you want to embrace this trend, you don’t have to worry about having many pages on your websites. It works with a single page where you upload content. You also need to provide different links to the page you upload to access the additional information they need.

If your goal is to keep visitors on your website, you might want to consider using SPAs. It is a better way to meet their needs better. They will only consume one page of content, whereas you would have loaded several pages for them. It is one of the web development trends for 2021 that is gaining popularity.


4| Adoption of voice technology


Of all the web development technologies, the newest trend is the one that is gaining popularity. It is a convenient way for users to access the information they need. They say what they need to speak through speakers embedded in web pages is easier to use than pressing buttons when entering a query. It saves a lot of time. Voice recognition also gives accurate results in less time. It makes it a convenient and reliable way to meet the needs of site visitors.


5| Artificial Intelligence


If you’re looking for a way to deliver more personalized content to your users, AI is the best way to do it. It uses the purchase history of previous users. This history allows you to provide users with content tailored to their needs. It also enables you to respond to users’ needs, as there is no need for trial and error.

Companies use AI effectively in several ways. First, they do this through guided learning, which means using past data to find better approaches to your site.

They also use unsupervised learning, which means that the AI model works only in real-time, without preliminary data. It then uses this data to recommend the best approach to users.

With AI, you can make your website engaging and engaging by providing access to user problems and solutions. It is done through enhanced learning.


6| Application programming interface


Have you ever questioned the technology that enables communication between different websites? APIs are the source of it all. It works by passing your queries to the system and bringing you a response.

Low-cost businesses can benefit from this because the technology allows code to reuse between projects. It also avoids the need to redesign websites later.


7| Accelerated take-up of mobile websites


Accelerated mobile sites make e-commerce websites reliable and convenient for customers. E-commerce sites sell a lot due to their speed compared to other sites. Speed makes sites user-friendly and reliable.

AMP offers a better user interface that allows websites with which it integrates to load content quickly.

From the above, you can see that the top web development companies in India continue to make websites better and more convenient. Adopt some of them if you want your website to be up-to-date too.