Digital marketing is probably one of the fastest growing topics in most companies. Whether you are a large corporation or a small business around the corner, everyone cares about their digital presence and how to use it for successful marketing.

However, many companies make serious mistakes and can significantly improve their online marketing if you avoid these mistakes. There are many common, but also many important, topics that have been forgotten. We will show you what you should pay attention to and what things to avoid while using digital marketing for law firms.

This has always been an industry centered around traditional marketing tactics. However, businesses need to modernize their strategies. With growing competition and a decrease in attention spans, today’s law firms must make a bigger effort to attract more clients by investing in digital marketing activities. 

Law firms can no longer rely on old school media tactics alone. If you don’t have a plan for bringing new clients into your firm through digital platforms, then your business will be left behind in favor of those who do have one. In order to effectively leverage technology, however, businesses must also stop making some of these common mistakes. 

In this article we have discussed some of the most common digital marketing mistakes law firms make and useful ways to avoid them. 

Keep reading to find them! 

  • Superficial Check of the Service Provider

Some lawyers think it makes sense to find a good marketer who doesn’t work with other law firms. In fact, vendors who specialize solely in digital marketing for law firms often know better the rules for promoting in the legal industry. 

How to Avoid This Mistake?

Be sure to ask for references to projects in similar practice areas.

  • An Agreement with A Markete

It is believed that lawyers are particularly picky in evaluating and negotiating the terms of a digital marketing for law firm’s contract. But it is not always the case. Most lawyers have no idea what services they get for the money they spend, how long their contracts are, and whether they own their own content and social media. 

How to Avoid This Mistake?

Lawyers should always agree on non-disclosure of information, the inability to work with competitors for several years after the end of the contract, and other important conditions.

  • Lack of Access to Digital Assets

Law firms often task marketers with creating social media channels. Vendors often retain access to these channels. 

How to Avoid This Mistake?

I recommend using a corporate email address for all accounts. Otherwise, if you break up with a provider, you may lose access to your social media. These problems can be avoided if the firm is in control of its online projects.

  • Lack of Marketing Feedback

When lawyers don’t respond to emails, phone calls, and text messages from their hired provider, it can be difficult to maintain a positive working relationship with them. It also prevents the law firm from making progress in its work, which is probably already paid for.

  • Lack of Feedback from Leads

he more information your law firm provides to the marketer, the better he does his job.

How to Avoid This Mistake?

 Your best bet is to fill out a lead spreadsheet and send it to your marketer from time to time.

  • Mistrust

For more than five years a company had established relationships with one law firm, they developed two websites for them. But another vendor managed to persuade the owner of the firm to do a complete website redesign that he didn’t need. 

Sometimes marketers say whatever they want to get your business done and then disappear as soon as they get paid.

How to Avoid This Mistake?

If you have problems, first talk to your current supplier. Explain as best you can what you want. Give them a chance to respond before listening to someone who is not familiar with your business.

  • Irrelevant Payment

Customers don’t always understand how much marketers need to pay. But when you pay experts what they are worth, you get quality work. It can be difficult to know if you are paying a lot or a little for marketing. 

How to Avoid This Mistake?

One way to find out is to call other marketers and find out their prices for the current set of services. See what they will offer you without telling you who your current supplier is or how much you pay him. Check with at least three suppliers for pricing.

  • Misunderstanding of Reporting

All digital marketing services for law firm’s providers should report regularly on their work. Google provides many free tools, including Google Analytics, which your provider should have set up and installed on your site. This tool provides an array of data on who is visiting your site, where visitors are coming from, and what pages are being viewed on your site.

How to Avoid This Mistake?

If you do not understand the information provided in the supplier’s report, ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask simple or silly questions. You are the customer; the marketer must explain the data to you in a way that you can understand.

The Final Verdict…

When it comes to marketing, most businesses fall into one of two categories: Those that know exactly what they’re doing and those that don’t. The latter is unfortunately more common than you might think.

 Let’s be honest; you could always use advice on how to make your business’ marketing efforts work better. However, some mistakes are easy to identify — like hitting send before making sure an email address is correct or neglecting customer service calls during peak periods (just like airlines). 

Many entrepreneurs don’t pay attention to these little things. But the problem is that they are well seen by the consumer and competitors. If the ad evokes negative associations of illiteracy and bad taste, or becomes a meme that your competitors have launched on social media, this is no good.

Before launching an advertisement for law firm, you need to check the text with a proofreader and order photos from photo stocks or from a professional photographer. If a mistake has already been made, then it must be corrected immediately. The longer this banner hangs, the worse the consequences for your reputation will be.

Hope this article helps you to understand digital marketing mistakes law firms often make – and along with ideas for avoiding them!