Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? For that purpose, you need to consider every little detail. However, a stylish and eye-catching sink can elevate the look of your bathroom. A high-quality sink or washbasin determines the functioning of your bathroom. Similarly, you can get the best sink styles from your nearest wholesale vanities suppliers.

A sink is one of the essential and beautiful vanity units. You should, however, consider your lifestyle before choosing the sink style. It occupies a specific area of your bathroom. Besides, it comes with the option of storage in it. From contemporary to traditional, there are plenty of options regarding sink types.

The most popular sink styles have made remodeling a bathroom easier. Some of the sink designs that are trending these days are:

  1. Wall-mounted sink
  2. Under-mount sink
  3. Pedestal sink
  4. Corner style sink
  5. Tabletop sink
  6. Vessel sink
  7. Console sink
  8. Modern glass vanity sink

Vessel Sink White Bathroom Vanity

1. Wall-mounted sink:

A wall-mounted sink style is a minimalistic design. As the name suggests, a washbasin/sink hangs off the bathroom wall. First of all, it is a type of floating bathroom vanity. Secondly, the sink in this style does not have floor support.

Similarly, you can see the plumbing features of the sink. You can add elegance to your bathroom by using stainless steel hardware. This sink style does not come with any storage cabinets option. Therefore, it covers less of your bath space.

2. Under-mount sink:

In contrast to its name, an under-mount sink usually fits under the countertop. They have a fixed installation under the counter. There is plenty of space on top of the counter surface for daily-use items.

It is a very sleek design with edges finely rimmed. Its cleaning and maintenance are also convenient. Unlike a wall-mounted sink, this sink style comes with the option of cabinet storage.

3. Pedestal sink:

It is an individual sink with a ceramic pillar resting on the floor. These are the most common sink designs. Therefore they give a traditional look to the bathroom. These styles are from centuries. Similarly, you can install pedestal sinks as corner sinks.

They do not take up much space. Besides, its plumbing does not expose itself. You may find it through vanity wholesale suppliers. This design of the sink does not allow any storage option. However, you may install a cabinet or a mirror cabinet above the sink surface.

4. Corner style sinks:

The corner-style sink looks like a wall-mounted sink. As the name suggests, you can use the corner of your bathroom for this type of sink. Although it occupies the least space, it is functional.

These sink styles do not have any support. So choose them wisely according to your lifestyle. Besides, they do not come with any storage option. Public bathrooms often have these sinks.

5. Tabletop sinks:

Tabletop sinks or basins are modern bathroom vanities. It simply has a basin on the top of the countertop. If you have a spacious bathroom, this vanity is the best choice for you. It adds a luxurious feel to your bathroom.

Similarly, the water stays perfectly in the sink without any splashes. The countertop also provides extra space for regular items. It gives a classy touch to your lifestyle.

6. Vessel sink:

It is one of the most popular bathroom vanities these days. The vessel-type sink becomes the focal point of your bathroom. Firstly, it has a vessel-shaped basin that fixes on the top of the counter.

Secondly, you can have two compact vessels on one countertop. Spas and salons use vessel sinks. They give your bathroom a contemporary look.

7. Console sink:

A console sink can have several forms. It has a sink which fixes the wall. However, the stand rests on the floor. Unlike a pedestal sink, it makes use of a leg stand.

The sink and counter both fixes to the wall. Therefore, you can see the plumbing through its frame of legs. This sink style has a unique feel to it.

8.  Modern glass vanity sinks:

Modern glass vanity sinks were quite popular in the last decade. They still are. A modern glass sink consists of a glass vessel that fixes into the glass countertop. Similarly, the stainless steel hardware and plumbing allow it to act as a towel bar.

For instance, if you do not have a crowded household, you may go for such fancy vanities. However, if you have kids and pets at your home, think twice about it.


In conclusion, bathroom vanities are not all about beauty. However, it’s also about the functioning of your household. Most vanity wholesale suppliers have a wide range of sink styles. They come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose one of the above designs according to your lifestyle.