The cruciality of regular sump pump maintenance can never be emphasized strongly as a homeowner, and you should have a fair share of experiences. During the rainy season, in particular, flooding is something to worry about. But there are multiple ways that you can prevent flooding in your basement.

You need to include maintaining clean downspouts, repairing foundation cracks, and installing window well covers. Of course, if water flows down into your basement, your defense line would be the sump pump despite taking all the precautions. So maintenance is crucial, and make sure it is in good running order for the proper maintenance. 

You can prevent your home from a flood if you have an installed sump pump by experts from house foundation repair. Let’s discuss some of the essential maintenance tips you need to know. 

Effective Maintenance Tips For Sump Pump

Regularly test your sump pump 

Pour sufficient water into the sump pit to raise the float that engages the pump. It should shut itself off in a matter of seconds by removing the water from the pit and making sure that the float moves freely. Know where your valve is, stop the water from running back down the discharge pipe through the pump, and get back into the pit. 

After it shuts off, look for signs that the check valve is stuck open. Again, the more crucial your pump is, the more often you should perform the test. 

Know the indication of issues with your sump pump

There are signs to look for when there is an issue with your sump pump, just like any machine. It includes:

  • The motor vibrating unreasonably can mean that the impeller is deformed. 
  • Strange noises from the sump pump could sign worn-out parts.
  • The sump pump switches it on and off when it should be running states there should be an issue with internal wiring.
  • The sump pump will fail very soon if oil gets leaked.

If you face any of these issues, call a basement foundation repair expert immediately for basement waterproofing. They could maintain them or check if it needs to be replaced altogether. 

Consider getting a backup sump pump

During a storm, power will be cut out, and due to this, homeowners choose to install a backup sump pump that doesn’t run on electricity. Instead, these types of pumps run on battery or water pressure from your home. Also, they are not as strong as submersible or pedestal sump pumps. However, they do have the benefit of not being dependent on electricity.

Check the discharge line 

Sometimes, water will probably drain slowly from your sump pit and not because of problems with your pump but due to drainage pipes. Along with it, you need to check the functionality of your sump pump and make sure to inspect your drainage pipes. Try to remove any certain blockages and crawl space repair by the experts.

Be proactive with ownership of your system

Ask specific questions and learn how it works. Know whom to call when things are not working as they should ahead of time. Understanding your system inside and out will help you save money and stay away from “Emergencies.” keep the essential documents in a Ziploc bag near your sump pump.

Make sure the equipment is properly covered

You need to prevent debris, lint, and sediment from falling into the sump pit by properly covering your sump pump. The cover may fit snugly and have holes for the wires, the drainage pipe, and the stand. Take certain protection as it doesn’t miss out cleaning the sump pit consistently, but you will have less to clean if it’s covered properly.  

Be consistent about cleaning out the discharge pipe 

The discharge pipe should be cleaned regularly. Keep in mind that it’s responsible for transporting the water from the basement. It should be clogged with dirt or debris, and there might be problems with the sump.

Firstly, the sump pump will need to work harder to pump away the water. The chances are there could be an overflow in the basement. Stick with a schedule to clean and discharge the pipe regularly. The dirt, leaves, and small branches could end up gathering there, and so clogging will inevitably result. 

Install an alarm

A tank level alarm that sounds when your pump stops working. There are other options also to include, such as battery backup and Wi-Fi compatibility that will notify you through text or email when an alarm occurs.


We discussed the main steps you need to ensure your sump pump stays in great working order. The role of the sump pump is crucial as flooding could result in serious issues. And it can cause expensive damage to your home. It is even more critical to stay in areas where heavy rains are expected. A sump pump that is well maintained by house foundation repair can last longer at the end of the day. It would save money from repair as well as offer you great peace of mind.