Bird watching can be an exhilarating experience altogether. However, without the right knowledge and gears, your bird watching expedition might go in vain. Birds would not appear before you spontaneously. Most birds love to remain hidden behind the leaves high up the branches. Some may use their natural camouflage to fool your eyes.
Therefore, you need to know the tricks and ways to find the birds no matter where they hide. Also, some gears are necessary to spot the birds that remain perched high up the tree branches. Here is what a beginner needs to know before delving into the extraordinary experience called bird watching.
Practice Rising Early
Birds are early risers. Roosters prove it well. You can always depend on a rooster’s call if you need to start your day early. Similarly, if you need to watch birds in their best mood, you need to wake up early. Most birds wake up in the dawn, and their daily activities start with the first rays of the sun.
Be it food collection, nest building, or feeding the chicks, you can catch the sight of birds easily in the morning. Be it black billed cuckoo or red crowned parrots, birds sleep for the entire night and feel hungry in the morning. So, you can always see them eating or finding food early morning.
Grab A Binocular For You
Without good quality binoculars, you might be less fortunate during your birding sessions. Never forget that birds can fly away anytime, making them invisible to your regular vision. But a fairly good binocular with ample range can always bring the farthest birds near to your eyes. Before you start your birding practice, buy the best binoculars for bird watching without any fail.
Keep Moving
Staying rooted in one place would never offer you much while birding. Birds do not remain seated for long hours in the same place. They keep on moving. Hence, you have to go behind them as well.
Keep moving from one place to another and especially towards the water holes and ponds where most birds gather. Even if you are trying to catch a sight of those who love to remain hidden behind the leaves, changing your viewing angle might benefit you at times.
Get A Guide
For beginners, finding the birds in the woods can be a challenging task. However, you get surely practice spotting birds in urban areas as well. But, for the real chill, invading the thickets to explore the native birds would be the best idea.
Initially, the beginners should keep a guide by their side to negate any chances of getting lost while keeping a watch on a female Stellar Jay. The expert guides often spot the birds effortlessly and help the armatures get their first enthralling experience.
The best bird watching academies offer kid’s bird watching schedules and beginner’s experiences as well. Get to know about the programs and enroll yourself for the adventures of a lifetime. If you are a nature-lover, bird watching would always offer you the tranquility and joy your heart craves for.