Liver transplant surgery is done to remove the diseased or injured liver of the patient, and then replace it with a healthy liver from another person referred to as the donor.  A liver transplant is usually done when the organ gets damaged beyond repair, and replacing it is the only way to save the life of a person.  A liver transplant can be recommended as an Alcoholic fatty liver disease treatment, if the damage suffered by the organ is too high.

A liver transplant is not a simple surgery. In fact, it is quite a complex procedure that requires skilled medical attention. Hence, people should ideally consult only well-qualified and experienced liver transplant surgeon in India if they are recommended with this surgery.

Liver transplant can be of two types, and here is a brief insight about both of them:

  • Deceased donor transplants: The majority of the livers used for transplantation comes from people who have just died. These people are referred to as deceased donors. During deceased donor transplantation, the surgeons ideally remove the diseased or injured liver of the patient and subsequently replace it with a healthy organ.  Adults usually receive the entire liver from a deceased donor. However, in certain situations, they may split the liver of the deceased donor into two parts. While the larger one can go to an adult, and the smaller part may go to a child
  • Living donor transplants: In certain scenarios, healthy living people do donate a part of their liver. Usually, such organs are donated for a family member or friend who needs an urgent liver transplant. This procedure is called a living donor transplant. In such surgeries, the diseased or injured liver of the patient is removed and then and replaced with the part from the living donor.  The liver of the living donor grows back to normal size soon after the surgery. After a span of time, the part of the liver that the patient receives also grows to normal size. Living donor transplants are comparatively less common than deceased donor transplants.

After getting their surgery done at any renowned Liver transplant hospital in Delhi, the patients have to keep seeing the doctor often to ensure that their new liver is working appropriately. They ideally have to go for regular blood tests to check for signs of organ rejection, as well as take certain medicines.