For the longest time, eternity rings have been a symbol of love. Couples use it to portray a powerful sense of love and commitment between two people. Usually given to mark a noteworthy milestone like the birth of a first child or a special anniversary in every relationship, these rings are cherished by all. As the name suggests, these rings are long term investments, which further makes choosing one carefully imperial. 

If you are planning to gift a love knot ring to your significant other, but get confused given the ample choices, this article will surely help. Irrespective of whether you seek a colorful gemstone ring or the classic diamond, the tips mentioned here will ensure that you find the best fit for your loved one. 

Diamond Eternity Rings

When it comes to choosing an eternity ring, the most common choice is a diamond ring. The primary reason being its exclusivity and beauty of the stone. This attractive stone has been long used to express a strong bond of romance and love between two people, and each stone has a unique build. As is said, even the cupid’s arrow had diamond tips. 

That said, when you are buying a diamond eternity ring for women, you should first consider the shape of the engraved diamonds. While there is a vast array of diamond shapes available, some are more common for an eternity ring. Here mentioned are a few:

  1. Round Brilliant Diamonds:

    This is the most common shape of diamonds found in eternity rings. Known to be the most popular diamond shape, these stones refract the most amount of light, making them sparkle sensationally. If you are not sure what to get your loved one, you can never go wrong with round brilliant diamond stones.

  2. Princess-Cut Diamonds:

    This cut has a more square shape to it and is typically used for its capability of being set close together. With a seamless design, the eternity ring looks like a continuous band of diamonds on the finger. These rings have the most adaptable design and are sure to never be out of fashion.

  3. Baguette Diamonds: 

    Usually alternated with Princess Cut gems for extra texture, Baguette Diamonds are a common choice for eternity rings. They can also get made with round brilliant diamonds that can provide for a vintage-inspired look for the ring. These diamonds can be used with the former cut types, giving the ring a unique look and feel. 

Gemstone Eternity Rings

If you feel diamond eternity rings are too familiar, you can try choosing from the hoard of options of gemstone eternity rings for women. Unlike diamond eternity rings, in this case, colored gemstones are added with diamonds to spice up the ring’s look. These are comparatively less expensive and have more options. 

Each woman has their favorite gemstone, making this gift as personal and meaningful as the other. Set with precious stones spread along the diamonds, the most common stones gemstones used are sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. 

Apart from diamonds, these stones are the three most precious available and more durable than any other gemstone. This makes gemstone eternity rings more sustainable and suitable for everyday use. Choosing between the three can be quite a task; however, each is a classic choice in the industry. 

Apart from those three stones, you can also buy an eternity ring with the zodiac stone of your loved one. For instance, if you are buying one to celebrate the birth of your first child, you can use their birthstone as an option. Or, choose the anniversary stone if it is a special wedding anniversary. 

Eternity Ring Styles

  • Full Eternity Rings:

Typically set with diamonds around the ring’s band or shank, a full love knot ring will glisten from every angle. These rings are more subtle and slim and can work perfectly when worn between the wedding and engagement ring. Perfectly gracious when worn alone, this is a luxurious choice that will make your wife more than happy. However, you should know that full eternity rings cannot be resisted, but many companies offer exchange policies that can help in such a case.

  • Half Eternity Rings:

Contrary to full eternity rings, this kind has stones set only halfway around the ring. Depending on the size of the stones, there might be five, seven, or even nine gemstones. You can choose from both uniform shapes and sizes of the stone, or buy rings with a tapered design. Irrespective, these rings look utterly beautiful and are relatively less expensive.

Keeping in mind this information can further help you make a better choice when it comes to Eternity rings. There are no rules for selecting an eternity stone. It mainly depends on each couple’s personal taste. Just make sure it has emotional value and is meaningful to the other person.