It is a popular money-saving hack to get your home painted by yourself. Yeah, DIY projects are meant for saving lots of money but it is not always the same rule. It happens rarely that you could save a whole chunk of money by painting the house by yourself. And moreover, you will go through a lot of headaches, a busy weekend, and a messed-up home after the cool DIY project. 

Hence, we would suggest hiring a painting company to avoid all the hassle and save time and money as well. 


  • Prepare a list of the experienced painting companies in your city. 


Here comes the first step in our painter-search guide. First, call your friends and seek contacts of the painters from whom they have got excellent jobs done. Second, search online for house painters in Auckland and shortlist them as per credentials and experience. Remember that you are supposed to shortlist only two to three companies and not more than that. This will avoid confusion as to whom to hire. 


  • Seek quotes from the shortlisted companies. 


The next step is to seek detailed quotes and estimates from the shortlisted painting companies. As you have a budget in your mind, you can analyze in this step whether a certain company fits into your budget or not. This doesn’t mean you have to hire the company with the lowest quote. Also, it does not imply hiring a company offering a higher quote with the hope of experiencing excellent quality. At this stage, you need to find an efficient company with a reasonable quote that aligns with your fixed budget. 


  • Evaluate the companies’ credentials and expertise level. 


Checking experience is not the only precaution you need to take. While evaluating a company’s potential, ensure that you check its licenses, certifications, location, the kind of equipment and paints they use, the variety they offer, customer service and other factors. A reliable painting company will be happy to show you all the documents, price structure and license details. 


  • Check the way they deal with customers. 


A painting company has to work for numerous days at your place. They have to obey certain orders, and carry out instructions by informing you in advance. It becomes evident that the staff at the painting company needs to be friendly and warm while dealing with you. 


  • Go for a company that relaxes your mind. 


It becomes really hectic if the company you hire has incompetent staff with no proper communication skills. So, trust your gut and hire a trustworthy company that keeps you far from the headache and lets you relax on the weekend. 

Conclusively, if you follow certain useful tips, it becomes easy in finding a good painting company.