Tyre Cleaning is an important part of your vehicle cleaning routine. It improves the quality of your drives along with the lifespan of your Tyres.

Buying a good quality tyre is not enough — you also have to clean these tyres to regularly optimise their use. To make it easier for you, below are the steps that will walk you through the process:

All that you will need These are the items you’ll need:

  • Tyre cleaner brushes: You will need two types of brush- a soft-bristled brush and a contoured tyre brush. It is recommended you use the former to clean the wheels and the latter to brush your tyre’s rubber.

  • Clean, dry cloth, waxing cloth and wax protectant: You can easily use an old cloth for wiping your Car Tyres Manchester A wax protectant is required for the wheel. You can get it both online and offline.

  • Tyre dressing: Tyre dressings come in many compositions. Therefore, while buying, be careful to get the latest composition. These tyre dressings provide a semi radiant look to your tyres to make them look new.

  • Special tyre cleaners: You can visit any retailer or hardware store to buy tyre cleaners. It is recommended you always read the instructions before buying.

Besides all these things, you should have a large bucket and a high-pressure water hose with you.

Steps to follow Below are the simplified steps to clean your tyres:

  • Remember that you should always wash your tyres car. If you wash your car before, it is prone to getting dirty all over again. The first step is to park your vehicle in a ventilated area. Make sure the area is clean and has enough space.

  • You can then switch on your hose and water your tyres to remove any dirt or mud. A high-pressure hose is required so you can easily get rid of the debris stuck to your car tyres.

  • Now, read all the instructions given on your cleaner carefully. When you are done, you can apply the cleaner to your tyres and let it sit for some time. The instructions on the cleaner would let you know how long you need to let the cleaner sit. Tyre cleaners help to soften any gunk that the hose might have missed out on.

  • The next step is to pick both of your brushes up. Use the soft-bristled brush to clean your wheels and the other one to clean your tyres. Make sure you don’t over scrub your tyres as it can damage them. Gently go over all the areas where you can spot any gunk and rinse it out when you are done.

  • Take your old cloth to wipe down your wheel and tyre. It is suggested that you use a micro-fibre cloth for this step as it absorbs all the water. On the other hand, other synthetic and cotton clothes can leave out wet patches on your tyre.

  • It is time for waxing now. Apply the wax to the pad it comes with, then gently spread it onto your tyres. Leave your wax to dry for the recommended time given in the instructions. The wax protects your tyre from dirt and keeps it new for a long while. While working with wax, always remember to wipe any excess that might be there. Excess wax doesn’t get absorbed and can make your Goodyear Tyres Manchester slippery.

  • After letting your wax dry, go over your tyre with a dressing. Tyre dressings are water-based solutions that usually come on spray bottles. They add another layer between your tyre and dirt to keep your tyres clean. You will have to spray several layers on your tyres. Make sure you let the dressing dry before you spray it over once again.