Imagine, you have a day to have absolutely nothing to do..the chores are done, the office is not working..there is no one around to take care what will you do? How will you prefer to spend this golden time all by yourself? Nora is a youngster who has a semi-famous channel on Youtube that produces relatable content videos…she is asking this question to random strangers and she has got some hilarious, funny and some sad answers.


  1. Random stranger #1- Oh I would sleep throughout the day..I would be in bed, order some delectable, delicious food and then sleep like a baby. Uninterrupted, peaceful sleep is what I crave..especially after having a hectic workweek. I would spend the whole day just lazing around in the most comfortable pajamas in the world.
  2. Random stranger #2- I would love to catch up on my reading on such a day..actually, I was an avid reader back in my college days but because of hectic days as a mom and a working woman, I have no time to catch up on my hobby of, I would love to read a book that I have stocked for myself since a very long time.
  3. Random stranger #3- I would absolutely love to find a girlfriend for myself..I would log into Tinder and swipe right to every girl I come across..every girl is beautiful,right? Actually, I have been feeling very lonely lately, my parents disowned me last month because I wanted to follow my passion of photography which they didn’t approve I moved to an absolutely new place to start my life I thought of having a girlfriend so that I could spend good time with her.
  4. Random stranger #4- I would spend the whole day looking and creating memes..I especially enjoy looking at Imgur in my free time and I even download the ones that I really like by using Imgur downloader.
  5. Random stranger #5- I would sit all day in my bed and catch up on a movie marathon on various movie viewing platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video,etc. I would watch random movies or binge watch a show to leisurely spend my time on the day.
  6. Random stranger #6- I would surely spend my day by rearranging pictures in my photo album as all of them are mixed and in poor taste. My mother recently died of cancer, so I would include more pictures of her in an album as I want to preserve certain memories of her with me.
  7. Random stranger #7- I would love to spend my day baking cookies, cupcakes, and bread the whole day as I love baking. I never get time to bake because my kids take up all the time..although I love them with all my heart, I would still enjoy a little time away from them just to get back to the real me.
  8. Random stranger #8- I would spend my entire day doing nothing but scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat in bed. I would only eat in take-out boxes so that there are no dishes to be done and no chores to be carried out.
  9. Random stranger #9- On a day like this, I would love to catch up on my correspondence and study for the exams I have to give. I hardly get any time between the office and my family to study, so it would be a great opportunity.
  10. Random stranger #10- I would surely catch up with my friends and go out to have lunch or dinner with them. They have been pestering me for not giving them enough time, so It would be lovely to spend some time with them.