Your kitchen, similarly to other’s kitchen, is probably the most used place at home. That’s why kitchen should be perfect designed, it means should be functional, warm and with unique decorations, which make her to be a place where householders love to spend time.

This special art accent and functional the same time for the kitchen you will get  from installed backsplash tiles and mosaic of subway tiles. A mosaic subway tiles are a great way to give your kitchen an updated, fresh look.  From other hand, a unique designed handmade backspkalsh tiles will a main accent.

In this article, I will give you a few tips for creating the perfect mosaic of ceramic tiles and unique backsplash in your kitchen.

Make a plan

If you decided to change a look of your kitchen, the first step should be to prepare a detailed plan. Every good plan starts from budget, which you can to disposition. Budget will decide about quality of materials and about kind of kitchen equipment.

Having budget, you must decide which kind of kitchen you want to set, it should be modern kitchen or rustical style of kitchen, maybe mixed style? Whatever you will choose, the next step is to share this plan with householders.

Share your project with householders

Show your plan to householders and get the feedback from them. All of you should discuss details and try to find the new look, that everyone will satisfied with this look of the kitchen. Be creative with your plan.

With a project such as decorations, a mosaic tiles, backsplash tiles, it’s essential to be creative person because sometime impossible is to get some materials to realize project and at that moment, the creative is so important. Remember to choose an individual style that reveals your personality.

Metal backsplash can be an amazing way to fully express your own taste of style. You can decide whether you prefer ceiling-height backsplash or small decorative copper tiles.

Tiles for backsplash

In present times on the market we have to choose many kinds of tiles to use in the kitchen. Which tiles to choose for your interior can be a hard decision to take.

Good idea how to choose right tiles for kitchen backsplash is a visit  in few online shops with wall tiles. There you can compare many style of tiles, you can see which trend dominating in this year. You will see that most popular are ceramic tiles, but there are people, who love to install something extra individual on the wall, and they choose to buy metal wall tiles. If your budget let you buy some handmade copper tiles or stainless steel tiles for backsplash, it will be great choice, and you can be sure that not many peoples have installed this kind of decoration on the wall as backsplash.


Think about  aesthetics for your backsplash and all tiles in the kitchen. An aesthetic backsplah must coexist well with the colour of the interior, with the furniture and with another decorations.

Metal wall art is getting more popular, and lots of people upgrading their kitchens with handmade metal wall tiles, for example with copper tiles. Metal wall tiles are universal tools for wall decoration, as they’re suitable for nearly any kitchen.

It’s exquisite to possess something on the wall which is formed from pure metal because it’s clean. Handmade wall copper tile can change the atmosphere and mood within the kitchen.

Maintenance and cleaning

While choosing tiles for backsplash let’s think about the maintenance and cleaning. If you decided to buy ceramic or metal tiles, there will no problem with everyday cleaning the backsplash after cooking. Just, warm water with a little of detergent to clean and after that something soft to dry the tiles and that’s all about cleaning procedure.

To sum up, keeping this few rules, your new kitchen will look great and first of all will “a warm place” for all family members.