Fashion is extremely important for most teenage girls in developing a sense of style is a great way to experiment with self-expression, which is key for teen girls progressing through adolescence. In your teenage, you are letting your wardrobe evolve as you evolve as a person.

Some wardrobe staples are worth adding to your closet, even now, things you’ll likely to hold onto for a while as you continue to refine your wardrobe. From jeans that fit just right to dresses that are perfect for any occasion like Molo Sweatshirt. The right clothes can lend you some assertiveness, but make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing otherwise you might lose some of your poise. The rest has to come from within. Let’s discuss some fashion tips for teenage girls in this article. 

1: Balance your figure – Assess you are assets and dress them up properly. If you have a short waist, keep it uncluttered to appear longer. Camouflage your sloping shoulders with shoulder pads to look taller and slimmer. Dolman sleeves are best for girls with broad shoulders. V-necklines are perfect for a big bust. Most figure challenges are overcome with simple balancing strategies. 

2: Be classy and trendy – You are going for a comfortable, nice style that is polished and pretty. So, you need to get some cool clothing. You should have a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, a pair of straight jeans, 1-2 high waisted skirts, a pair of ballet flats and boots, camis in solid colors, 2-3 cardigans in colors light navy blue, green, white. These are some of the Dresses for Teenage Girls in USA.

3: Trusty leggings – There’s a theme with all the clothing items you should have by 16: comfort. So, leggings needed to be included in the list. You don’t know why they have such a bad rep in the fashion-sphere when leggings are the best when it comes to weddings after school activities, travelling and simply lounging around with friends. 

4: Versatile flats footwear – You choose flats over heels because once again you wanted to be comfortable. Since there are comfortable heels out there, but before you turn 16 you need to make sure you have a pair of flats that are as versatile as your wardrobe. You can choose a pair of black ones that have a squared toe because this subtle silhouette will add a polished look to your fits. 

While talking to your teenage you need to be tactful instead of condemning you are child for the way they dress. As criticism is not the best way of telling someone out of something.