The desire to look good is innate to everyone. It’s not a surprise that the global cosmetics market is valued at around $603 billion in 2021 and is projected to further grow to $758.4 billion by 2025. Every month, Americans spend between $26 and $50 on beauty and cosmetics products. This highlights the importance of personal hygiene to our physical and mental well-being. 

Both men and women spend time on various beauty regimens. According to a study, American women spend at least an hour per day on cosmetic care. Although men spend far shorter time, they still do so.

But as much as we are willing to invest effort with these meticulous routines, it can get tiring at times. As such, more and more people ditch the typical care and turn to aesthetic care, particularly non-invasive cosmetic treatments. These non-surgical procedures can provide almost instantaneous improvement with shorter or even no recovery times. VIP Medi Spa, Portland emsculpt experts emphasize that non-surgical cosmetic treatments can produce either permanent or semi-permanent physical enhancements. With these procedures you can cut the time spent daily on beauty care.

Unlike the usual beauty and facial treatments normally done in salons, aesthetic clinics offer a more medical approach. Performed by medical specialists with experience and training in cosmetic medicine, aesthetic procedures use machines or equipment to produce the intended physical enhancements. In most cases, these are supplemented with topical medication regimen along with future clinic visits.

Many beauty-conscious folks are wondering whether aesthetic care is right for them. Who really needs aesthetic care? Check out this quick guide.

Need vs. Want

It’s easy to think that aesthetic treatments are purely a personal desire. But the reality is that some people really need an advanced care instead of just wanting it. Removing eye bags permanently is a want but restoring loss facial volume is a need. 

Some needs and wants can be addressed with minimally invasive procedures with no disruption to your daily life. On the other hand, there are also some needs that require more aggressive surgical treatments. These procedures tend to be pricier but offer a permanent or long-lasting benefit. Unlike surgical procedures, aesthetic care treatments produce temporary but subtle enhancements without the sacrifices associated with invasive procedures.

Variety of Procedure for Every Aesthetic Concern

Aesthetic care offers a range of treatments and products for almost every aesthetic concern. From sagging cheek to bulging eye bags to stubborn belly fat, there’s always a non-invasive approach available. Nowadays, almost every beauty problem can be addressed with some kind of aesthetic procedure.

An NWlaser VI peel specialist from Vancouver, WA noted that some clients visit the clinic unsure with what treatment they need. Many people are still unaware of the different procedures aesthetic care clinics provide. Hence, if you are not certain whether you need aesthetic care, it is always best to seek the help of a qualified medical professional. A medical specialist can properly assess your needs and provide you with the best approach, as well as other options. 

Meanwhile, there are also people who remain wary about the effectiveness of these non-surgical procedures. Often, a quick consultation with an aesthetics specialist can help clear out the common misconceptions about the more conservative approach. 

Some of the most common non-invasive aesthetic procedures include dermal fillers, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser skin resurfacing. These procedures treat the most prevalent cosmetic concerns of people including scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, and skin discoloration.

Often aesthetic care is best for people are beginning to see the effects of aging on their face, neck, skin, and body. For example, hylauronic acid derma fillers can help reverse the signs of ageing by hydrating the skin and reducing wrinkles and fine line. Meanwhile, laser peel procedure works by removing blemishes in your skin, thereby making you look glowing. 

Aesthetic care is also ideal for busy individuals who lack the time for more meticulous beauty regimen but don’t want to go under the knife. With advancements in medical science, these non-invasive beauty enhancement solutions can provide amazing results. 

However, non-surgical cosmetic treatments cannot guarantee major cosmetic changes. If you desire long-term, permanent, and dramatic change, then cosmetic surgery is your best solution. Aesthetic care only provides subtle, soft changes but can have major impact on your physical appearance. And most often, these natural improvements are what you just need to regain that youthful look.