Sterling silver is more durable and stronger as compared to regular silver and gold which is why it’s used in a number of traditional and modern designs as well as diamond pendants in Fayetteville, NC.


So how long does sterling silver take to tarnish? Sterling silver can begin to tarnish anywhere from 2 months to 3 years but there are a lot of ways you can prevent this and even clean and maintain it.


When metals are exposed to air, they undergo oxidation and this can produce several various outcomes, like rust on steel or tarnishing on silver. Tarnish is a thin film of silver sulfide on sterling silver and can look like a brown or pantina shade as well as spots of discoloration on the piece.


How long does sterling silver take to tarnish?

The amount of time the piece takes to form tarnish depends on the amount of time the piece is exposed to air. Natural oils in the skin can help speed up the oxidation process if you wear your diamond engagement ring from Fayetteville, NC, every day.


In a controlled environment, it could take sterling silver a couple of years to tarnish, or if the piece is constantly worn during cleaning, washing dishes, outside, and more, it could take a few months to show signs of tarnish.


Cleaning sterling silver

Preventing your sterling silver jewelry with gemstones in Fayetteville, NC from tarnishing is not really a big deal and can take just a few seconds or minutes. The best way to do this is to clean your jewelry pieces after wearing – this will not only remove dirt or natural oils but also prevent the chemical process of oxidation.


You can use a solution of warm water, a gentle soap, and scrub gently with a microfiber cloth and then dry it well. Never wear your jewelry to the beach, pool out, and in the sun for a long time as it can accelerate oxidation and tarnish.


If you are unsure how to clean your jewelry, you can always take it to a professional jeweler as they have the right tools and can keep it looking as good as new. Sterling silver is quite popular due to its affordability, strength, endless range of designs, and malleability. Also, it looks great when you take care of it well.


The Bottom Line

At Bopie’s, the jewelry store provides services for regular care and cleaning of your jewelry as well as restringing and resizing of precious pieces which helps you to clean and maintain your pieces with no hassle.