1. What inspired you to write this book?

Answer: After reading some thriller novels, I wanted to write my own. So came up with the plot of ‘A Romantic Mystery’.

  1. Can you tell me about the book?

Answer: This book is story of three friends (Rudra, Ashrith and Ved) who come across a mystery girl and then their whole life takes such a turn which takes them to the unexplored places.

  1. How well has been the journey fetched you?

Answer: I always enjoyed the journeys more than the destination. So far it has been filled with a lot of learnings and new experiences. Let’s see how it goes ahead.

  1. What were the obstacles you faced from dreaming about your book and holding it in your hands?

Answer: I never thought that I’d able to write a novel that too t the age of twenty. I faced a lot of problems regarding sentence formation and narration but my mentors helped me a lot. But all the obstacles felt worth when my father held the book in his hands.

  1. Who were the major backbone in writing and publishing this book?

Answer: My family, publisher and my editor.

  1. How you came across Eventure publishers?

Answer: After getting my first book published in 2019, I wanted to change my publisher so I started searching on the Instagram and found them.

  1. What you liked about Eventure the most?

Answer: Their work ethics.

  1. How you crossed roads into writing, publishing and getting known as a writer? How far has been that way?

Answer: My journey has been magical, for me at least. From reciting poetry in front of my friends to being author of three books, it really seems unrealistic sometimes.

  1. What did you learn while writing the book?

Answer: That it requires a lot of brainstorming and patience to collect the ideas and then pen them down.

  1. What surprised you the most?

Answer: I came across many young writers during my journey. I was shocked to see their talent and writing skills.

  1. What does the title mean?

Answer: The title ‘A Romantic Mystery’ simply signifies the nature of the story. It has an element of romance which comes at the cost of unexpected surprises.

  1. Were the characters inspired by a real person?

Answer: Kind of, the three friends’ characters have been inspired by me and my friends. Other characters and their storyline is completely fictional.

  1. Any piece of advice to the budding writers?

Answer: Read more than you write.

  1. Lastly, who you wanna give a special thanks that helped you come so far?

Answer: I’d like to thank Mr Tanmay Pattnaik, Mr Sanjay Lunia, Mrs Samriti Agarwal and my friends.