Moving to the UK and getting your cargo shipping to the UK would seem like a challenging task to most, as there are a variety of options available and the marketplace is crowded with relocation companies in the United Kingdom. However, nothing beats the services by Direct Pakistan Cargo, as they provide the fastest door to door cargo services to many countries, like cargo to Pakistan, cargo to Dubai, cargo to India, Cargo to the United Kingdom etc. However, what is found to be the most challenging by people is deciding the items they need to relocate. That’s why we have constructed this guide to explain everything you need to know about relocation.

Consider, Check and Compare

When you are moving to the United Arab Emirates or any other country or place, there is a lot to be considered, like paying customs, restrictions of the place and quarantine. You also need to do research especially when it comes to relocation of heavier goods, like your car and furniture. The answer to most of your problems lie in how much risk you are prepared to take and how much are you ready to pay. Good international companies such as Direct Pakistan Cargo would typically take care of every potential issue that may suddenly arise.

Options for relocation with air freight

Airports in Great Britain are usually busy with receiving significant volumes of air freight every day. It has been noted that Heathrow accepts the most load, followed by Stansted, East Midlands and Manchester. Consequently, this makes sending goods to the UK a painless and efficient choice.

Rates of Airfreight

Although Airfreight is the quickest method to send your goods, it is no doubt that it is also the priciest one. That is because the rates of airfreight are several times higher than land and shipping freight. Therefore, airfreight is usually recommended for smaller volume items and for the items that are too valuable to lose. People also opt for airfreight when they need to deliver or receive the load in a hurry. While sending your goods through air, you will be charged based on the weight therefore sending items like furniture can be cost-prohibitive. Many home movers prefer to send only the urgent items through the air and their other belongings via sea. Transit time of Airfreight Irrespective to where you are moving to and where you are moving from, it is not highly unreasonable to expect that you will receive all of your possessions within a week through airfreight. Especially if you are moving to the United Arab Emirates you are likely to receive all of your belongings in the shorter time period.