As we grow older, our basic functionalities start declining. Some people are not even able to move or eat their food. This creates a lot of difficulties for elderly and disabled people in performing their daily routine.

To provide aid in such conditions, the Health and Ministry of Singapore has offered an insurance plan that can help numerous individuals of Singapore. This plan is known as Eldershield. It is offered to those residents that are old and in dire need of some financial help.

Another important subject that needed to be covered was related to the mental health of a person. At any point in time, if someone loses their mental ability to perform certain actions, then he/she would not be able to claim any government benefit.

That is why the government of Singapore allowed people to also register for Lasting Power of Attorney. In this system, a single person or a group of people can decide for a mentally disabled person.

Any civilian who wants the benefits of Eldershield must give the Eldershield assessment. This assessment verifies the disability of a person. Additionally, one can find the cheapest Lpa Certificate issuer for registering themselves in the LPA scheme.

In the coming paras, we have described both of these programs in detail. With this information, a person can follow the right path for registration.


This scheme came into existence in 2002. It is dedicated to providing long-term benefits to severely disabled people. The program provides $400 worth of benefits every month for up to 6 years. Once the person is enrolled in this scheme, the government takes care of the various needs that are required. The term for each person can vary depending on the severeness of disability.

Requirements for Eldershield

The Eldershield scheme has a list of requirements that must be met before enrollment. These requirements are provided by the government for which an individual needs to contact an Eldershield Assessor. Out of the six points stated below, a person has to be incapable of performing at least three activities to become eligible for Eldershield. This is a severe disability test.

  • Bathing: Taking a bath or washing in a shower or other area.
  • Eating: Being able to feed oneself after the food is prepared and made ready to eat.
  • Toileting:The ability to perform a bowel movement or bladder function using a protective undergarment and/or medical devices.
  • Dressing:
  • Moving: If a person can move from one room to another on a leveled surface.
  • Transferring: This implies the moving of your own body from a lying position on the bed to an upright position on a chair or wheelchair and vice versa.

Features of Eldershield

The Eldershield program provides several benefits to the people. All the benefits given below depend on the result of the Eldershield Assessment.

  • Monthly Payout: All severely disabled people are entitled to receive a monthly cash amount for up to 6 years. The amount depends on the type of insurance, one had opted for.
  • Be Secured for Life: An individual can claim Eldershield benefits at any age even after the premiums have been completed at 65 years of age.
  • Get Coverage Anywhere: This feature allows the individual to get the Eldershield payouts while living in any corner of the world.

Eligibility for Claim

Once you are verified by a MOH-accredited Eldershield Assessor and are unable to perform at least three Activities of Daily Living, then you can go for a claim. You just have to submit some required documents to start the process. After that, the payout will be given to you within 90 days via cheque or direct credit.


At any age, a person can lose the mental ability to think rationally. Due to this, he/she may not be able to make the right decisions. Using Lasting Power of Attorney, a person can appoint one or more people that can take decisions in case he/she loses the mental capacity. This power allows an individual to live a better life even when such an unwanted situation happens.

Features of LPA

One of the important benefits of LPA is that a person can handle all property and affairs-related matters. The appointed person can also help in taking care of your welfare. As a result of which, you and your loved ones can live without any worries, In case you lose your mental capacity.

Minimum Requirements for LPA

The only requirement for enrolling yourself in LPA is to be 21 years of age or below. Also, the person needs to have complete mental capacity at the time of enrollment. After that, you just need to fill LPA form 1 document. To provide all the required documents to the Office of the Public Guardian at the time of registration. Also, one can look for the cheapest LPA certificate issuer for opting for this scheme.