Accent lighting and accent color play an essential role in brightening up your home decor. If an individual prefers natural solid and brown wood shades, then it can uplift the aesthetic appeal. Thomas O’Brien offers the highest quality accent lighting to their clients, and they are also very eye-catching.

Here are some ideas about the use of accent lighting and accent color for making a difference in every part of your beautiful home.

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Living room home décor

It would help if you chose the conventional home décor in the living room. If an individual visited 10-15 homes, then observe that most people furnished their home in a traditional way instead of chrome, glass, stainless steel, and bright yellow décor. It would be best to use cherry, solid oak, or even mahogany furniture upholstered with black, brown, and pastel fabrics and including leather.

Many people use red or deep blue upholstery in their homes, but it is not referred to as an accent color. The accent is used for styling the home in a specific manner. Below given are some examples of genuine home accents.

Examples of Accent Color

suppose an individual living room is decorated with a pastel or white colored ceiling, walls with designer wallpaper, and a traditional patterned carpet. The chairs and sofa are of black color, having white or brown leather, or in a neutral shade fabric. In other words, it’s a normally decorated and furnished living room.

In this kind of living room, you need to choose an interior décor that offers contrast. Accent lightings are eye-catching, and accent colors like red, yellow, or orange look bold. The bright blue color is also used as an accent, but it is less popular among the clients these days, whereas bright blue also acts as an accent, but it is the people’s preferred choice, especially in the yellow theme.

Accent Pieces

Red, yellow, or oranges are among the most popular accent colors. But, it is essential to know where these colors should appear? Basically, two types of accent pieces are there, while the meaning of the word “accent” is the same for each case, but the method of applying them is totally different in both cases. One applies to an unusual type of furniture, while the other refers to a bright-colored item, which immediately catches your eye.

Here you know about

the use of accent color for accentuating others.

A bright orange or red vase consists of contrasting shades of flowers is the right example. Suppose an individual enters into a room, and one’s eyes are quickly drawn to the white and bright yellow vase. An individual’s eyes are then drawn in the accent furniture, where the vase is placed. By these kinds of simple tricks of using accent color, one can enhance their home decoration.

Accent Lighting

You can use the accent lighting along with accent color to make attractive any area of the home. One can also use muted lighting during night time because they help improve the aesthetic of your home.

Thomas O’Brien has a wide variety of accent lighting, which is available at an affordable price. Contact them and get your desired home lighting range.


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