This locker facility is one of the subsidiary services provided by the Bank for keeping the property within the safe deposit locker. Lockers are often hired by Individuals, either Partnership Firms, singly or jointly. This locker facility is also known as a “safe custody”. With our advanced cooperative locker management software in Delhi, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu, you can track locker uses, openings, closing, and all of the security to keep your locker safe.

Let see the advantage of locker service facility in cooperative software in India

Locker Service Facility in Cooperative Banking Software

Secure: We have developed this locker management software for cooperative banks with the latest dot net web application, so you can know that when items are delivered, and who accessed the locker. It is very safe and secured software.

Simple to Operate: This software has been built up with the updated .Net web application, and customization. So you can operate it very easily. If you need free training, then you must contact the cooperative software support team.

Real-Time View:  By this locker management software, the admin can control configurations, assign lockers to different people, view detailed usage data, and see the detail of lockers users in real-time. So, with this software, you can get a real-time report of locker users.

Time Save: Also with this locker management software you can reduce your employee’s time to manage lockers in cooperative banks.

There are also more benefits of this software, for that you can contact us.