Mobile Point-of-Sale System

Both merchants and customers love mobile payments for their ease-of-use and flexibility in the payment process using aeps agent registration free.

Man makes a payment using aeps agent registration free

You have safety and security at your disposal

We protect consumer data at every stage of the transaction, from encryption to tokenization. More than half of internet users worldwide are concerned about privacy today than in the past. You can be sure that your customers will have a safe mobile payment using aeps agent registration free experience with us.

Payment being made

Your business will run smoothly with reliable uptime

An hourly network outage could cost you up to $100,000 Superior uptimes make it unlikely that this will be a threat to your company. Continuous investments in network performance led to certification as a Tier IV data center that is fault-tolerant.

A man finalizes a mobile purchase using aeps agent registration free with On-the-Go Payment Processing Solutions

Any business can use it easily

You can access interactive, customizable solutions that are tailored to your business. You can create an ideal payment experience by allowing customers to use mobile wallets or accepting credit cards through your mobile device.

Computer with payment technology

Expand your reach globally to increase sales

Our streamlined solutions allow you to connect with global consumers. Our global network of 1.3 million customers processes more than 5.6 billion transactions each year. Online payments are possible in nearly 100 countries, with 121 currencies accepted and 17 settlement currencies. Mobile payment solutions allow you to connect with customers wherever you are with global mobile payments.

Paying with your tablet POS by phone

Anytime you need customer support

We are available to assist you 24/7/365. We are always available to assist you. Our customer service team can help with everything, from implementation to troubleshooting.

One-stop, simple online solution

It should not be difficult to open an online business. It is easy with us. We can quickly help you implement a solution including recurring payments and hosted payment pages, buy buttons, shop carts, mobile wallets, and billing and invoicing.

All around the globe – 24 hours a day

Every second of every day online sales occur in the global economy. Online payment solutions allow you to capture more sales by allowing your customers to shop, browse and pay securely at any time of day or night. Accepting payments from nearly 100 countries is possible with the availability of 17 settlement currencies as well as 121 currencies. This service can be used 365/24/7. If you have any questions, our customer support team is available to help.

Keep on track to success

Any business should measure its performance. You’ll have access to real-time reporting and secure payment processing. To see the performance of your business, you can analyze transactions and manage chargebacks.

Protect the cardholder’s data

It is crucial to verify that the cardholder you are referring to is your customer. It was one of the first to introduce EMV (chip-based card authentication) in 2015. This card-present method is still an integral part of our secure payment approach.

Acceptance of Chip Cards and Credit Card Chips

Anti-counterfeiting starting from the beginning

A 2018 Visa report found that counterfeit fraud was 75% lower at U.S. merchants that accept chip cards. Chip card acceptance is the first layer of security. It allows you to authenticate cards at point-of-sale, and reduce chargebacks.

Point-to-Point encryption (P2PE), Protecting Payments Data

Protection in transit

Our secure data center will protect your card data while it travels across your business. Point-to-point encryption (P2PE), technology masks data to reduce exposure in the case of a breach.

There is nothing to be found and nothing to steal

Our payment security solutions include tokenization and encryption to protect card data “in transit” as well as “at rest.” We also have hardware-based, tamper-resistant security modules for point-of-sale terminals. Encryption protects card data when it travels through various networks and systems until it is decrypted at the secure data center. Tokenization is a process that replaces cardholder data with a unique token ID. This removes it from any processing environment and allows for subsequent transactions. In the event of a breach, sensitive information will not be accessible.

Merchant Payment Solutions

Your customers will be satisfied with the purchase experience regardless of whether they swipe, insert, or tap their cards. Our flexible, secure payment technology is tailored to your business’s needs and the various ways that your customers prefer to pay.

Accept payments online and on the move

Online shopping is now a popular option for billions of people, whether they are at home or on the go. Our payment solutions make it easy to be ready for your customers when they are ready to shop.

Accept cash payments in person, and more

Your customers will return for more if you give them the personal attention they deserve. You don’t just need to accept payments. Also, make sure you check inventory levels and offer complementary products and services. You can also manage your staff, track sales, and pull reports from any location.

Your customers should pay it forward

Satisfied customers are the best way to promote your business. To show your appreciation, give them gift cards.