For homeowners, renovating a house can be one heck of a challenge and it sure has to be since the home is a huge investment where every renovating decision, be it big or small, should be taken smartly. Other than cost consideration, the overall value it’ll bring to the property along with the scope of the project, time span, any add-ons so on are worth considering. Let’s have a look at a few things when it comes to home renovation!

Reconditioning a Home: Where & How to Begin

A wise move is to survey the entire home, list down all the observations and issues before moving ahead on different project sections. Begin from the exterior such as walls and windows then move indoors from one room to another so on. Check for possible cracks in the walls, flaked painting, pest problems, and more. Your home may seem to be in perfect shape and all chic but taking a closer look into things may prove otherwise.

Once you list down all the essential renovation to-dos, prioritize each based on its importance and urgency. Take for instance there may be particular areas of your home that may require urgent repair and look after before things get really worse so, you’d obviously prioritize such things. Arrange them in an orderly manner starting from major renovations to simpler jobs just as knocking down the walls to painting and scraping so on.

More importantly, you should always seek assistance from a professional handyman company like Reliable Technical Services, Dubai. You’ll surely get expert advice during the planning and can also hire actual home maintenance professionals for your property renovation project. All that said, the planning stage is the perfect time for an inspection and getting quotes.

Bathroom Remodel

When it comes to home sales or even buying/renting one, a successful deal can be made or break depends on the bathroom is the most crucial of all. Lacking essential bathroom features or even a lesser number of bathrooms can bring down a super successful deal. This is one reason to consider bathroom remodeling by starting with;

  • Bathroom Fixtures – Old and worn-out bathroom fixtures can surely make your bathroom old and obsolete. Only with a few updates like adding a new mirror, cupboard, shower, and taps so on can surely make your bathroom innovative and aesthetically appealing.
  • Repainting – Whether buying, renting, or selling, repainting bathroom walls is highly preferred and for a good reason. Since it’s moist in the bathroom, chipped and scraped walls are obvious which is why you should always consider repainting after every two years or as needed, depending on overall maintenance.
  • Open Shelves – For the bathroom to look spacious and innovative, opt for installing open shelves or simply built-in wall units where you can conveniently keep soaps, towels, medicines, and other bathroom essentials without making it look congested and less spacious.

Kitchen Renovation

Most of the homeowners are under the impression that kitchen remodeling may cost a fortune but there may be many other renovation projects that, despite being expensive, don’t seem to work at all. Here’re a few affordable hacks to go along with;

A Fresh Coat of Paint – Repainting is always among the first and most affordable investments that can do a lot to your home. Since the kitchen is the heart of any home, a fresh coat of paint is sure to raise optimism and increase aesthetic appeal. However, to achieve this, you need professional painters that guarantee perfection with exceptional painting strategy and a uniform finish.

Swap Outdated Cabinets with New – Repairing and upgrading existing cabinets to modern standards is definitely inexpensive than installing new ones. All you need to do is have them fixed and repaint for yet another kitchen remodeling hack.

Improve Kitchen Layout – To completely change the looks of your kitchen, demolishing the walls for more spacing isn’t always an option. You can achieve this simply by reconsidering the budget-friendly layout like hanging out pots and pans rather than keeping them in the cabinet or rack, move the kitchen counter and electronic items such as the refrigerator unit to a different place so on. Such friendly, convenient, and cost-effective moves can breathe new life into your kitchen.

Replace Old Lighting Fixtures with New – To brighten up any corner of your home, better and brighter lighting is always preferred. In case your home has old and dimmed lighting fixtures, get them changed as well as opt for overhead lighting, wireless option and those automated lights that turn off or brighten up automatically when someone walks in or out respectively.

Better Up the Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can make your home look inspirational and super amazing. First impressions are surely last especially when it comes to things like home. Here’s what you should do:

Front Door Upgrade – Front door is obviously the first feature anyone would come across when entering a home. Doorbell, doorknob, knockers, and locks, replace almost everything that looks outdated. Go for stylish design and better door security options like stronger, automatic locks and camera installation. A more budget-friendly option is simply repainting the door for those who don’t want to go with other fixes.

Gardening – Plants and pots at the entrance are sure to appeal a lot whereas it’s definitely affordable. You can also add shrubs and flowers and greenery so on as amazing gardening features.

These are just some of the ways you can renovate your house on a budget. Make sure you do it right by hiring professional home maintenance services Dubai