In case you’re shopping for a brand new fryer, you’re maybe debating whether it’s better to put money in an air fryer or a deep fryer. Both have their advantages and cons, yet each type of fryer provides you with tasty, crunchy food. You can use one of our recommended best-rated air fryers to get such a familiar fried texture, eliminating excess oil and calories, or prefer investing in a deep fryer. It’s your choice, though, but shall we get deep first?

At a glance, deep fryers and air fryers both seem quite similar, don’t they? Both give regular food (like veggies or pieces of meat) an amazing taste and crunchy exterior. But, the technique a deep fryer uses (dipping food into a huge amount of hot oil) is pretty much different from what an air fryer follows. An air fryer coats the food with only a bit of oil and then blasts it with hot air and prepares the food.

If you’re in deep love with traditional fried food (and don’t think much about your health), the deep fryer could be your better bet. If you’re health-conscious and desire to achieve similar results without giving up that amazing fried taste and texture entirely, an air fryer is an optimal choice for you. You may even be thinking: Do air fryers work as fantastically as deep fryers? If you desire to give up a bit of flavor and also texture to enjoy tastier yet healthier fried foods, consider buying an air fryer.

No matter if you’re buying a deep fryer or an air fryer, you’ve got a specific budget. Besides that, you may have considered some features, such as automatic temperature control or easy portability. Comparing features, general healthiness, reliability over time, and various other factors can help you simply narrow down the available air fryers and deep fryers to find what’s perfect for you.

How do air fryers work?

Normally, an air fryer works by using highly heated air to cook whatever food you place in it. A fan at the top of the air fryer blows air down to the food through a heating element. This air passes through and around the food item placed in the basket identical to what’s found in a deep fryer.

Further, the air bounces off of the air fryer’s bottom and back up through the food. This hot air cooks the food evenly on all sides, besides producing the Maillard effect, and this results in a crisp outer crust, which we know, you love a lot.

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How do air fryers and deep fryers differ?

  1. Deep fryers need enough oil to entirely submerge the food. Air fryers use a tablespoon or even not a single drop of oil at all to cook food.
  2. As air fryers use very little to no oil, a few food items may come out dryer in contrast to what we would find with a deep fryer.
  3. The oil used to deep fry penetrates the food deeper, so food items with a deep fryer will generally have a thicker and crisper crust.
  4. An air fryers use little or no oil. Cleaning them up is much easier in contrast to a deep fryer. Besides that, having to dispose of huge amounts of cooking oil is a hassle.
  5. Deep fryers are strictly meant for frying foods, but with an air fryer, we can use various methods of cooking, such as grilling. We can also bake desserts with an air flyer, and that makes it more versatile.

Air Fryer vs. Deep Fryer: so, what's better?

So now that you are familiar with a bit more regarding how each of these two appliances works, the next question is which of these is the better choice for you.

In case your top priority is fried foods, nothing except taste, then you should go with a deep fryer straightaway. Although air fryers do produce a crispy exterior identical to a deep fryer, there’s actually nothing that can replace the original deep-fried consistency.

Besides that, with an air fryer, you may find some foods coming out more dry in contrast to what you would get using a deep fryer. In the category of taste, the definite winner is a deep fryer.


The core concern with deep-fried foods is general health. As the foods are fully immersed in a few types of cooking oil, there’s a huge amount of fat added to the food items.

With an air fryer, you certainly don’t have to use cooking oil at all, or if you want, you can just use a bit of oil, reducing the fat level in your meal.

When we talk about health, the air fryer reviews from JoyfulFryer is the winner of this category. However, there are methods to reduce the levels of fat in your meals in case you prefer a deep fryer as well.

One of the main ways you can lower the fat level in deep-fried meals is by ensuring that your cooking oil is at the proper temperature.

In case the oil is not that hot, the outer crust won’t be that crisp. The outer layer keeps the oil from getting penetrated into the inner layers of your food item while it’s cooking.

In case your oil is very hot, the crust will form rapidly and thicker, making it harder for the inside food to cook. You’ll likely have to leave your food inside the air fryer longer to ensure it’s thoroughly cooked. It gives more time for the oil to penetrate into the food.

Another tip from our side is to remove your food as soon as cooking is complete. This will limit the time the cooking oil has to penetrate into the food.


In case you want a cooking appliance that can do more besides frying foods, then you’ll want to choose an air fryer. You can purchase accessories that enable you to roast and grill foods. You can also bake desserts with your air fryer.

In case you want a device purely meant for deep frying, and you want that full crispy deep-fried finish, then a deep fryer is what you’ll definitely want to go with. So it’s a tie for this section.

How Healthy is it to cook with an Air Fryer?

Advertised as a healthy, guilt-free method to enjoy your most preferred fried foods, air fryers experienced a recent surge in popularity, and it’s expected to elevate even higher.

They are claimed to lower the fat content of popular foods such as chicken wings, empanadas, fish sticks, and french fries.

But just how healthy is it to cook with an air fryer?

This article will take a gander at the evidence and further determine if the advantages of using an air fryer really eliminate the risks.

What is an air fryer, and what is its way of working?

An air fryer is a well-known kitchen appliance used to prepare fried foods such as pastries, potato chips, and meat.

It works using the principle of circulating hot air around the food and produces a crispy, crunchy exterior.

Also, it results in a chemical reaction called the Maillard effect, which takes place between reducing sugar and amino acid in the presence of heat. It alters the flavor and color of foods.

Air-fried foods are hyped and puffed as healthy alternatives to deep-fried foods, and we need to thank their lower content of calories.

Rather than completely submerging the food item in oil, air-frying needs just a tablespoon of oil, and it provides a similar texture and taste to deep-fried foods.

Air Fryer or Deep Fryer – The Conclusion 

In case you’re in love with deep-fried foods and a person not too concerned with your health, then get a deep fryer straightaway. If you want an appliance that’s highly capable and even better than just frying foods for you and can skip the “taste” factor in favor of a meal that is less in calories, then opt for an air fryer. Home appliance experts has conducted an amazing article with 15 choices, visit them if you would like to gain some knowledge about decent air fryer models.