If you have watched the gymnastic or cheerleading practice, you would have noticed the mats on the floor that are being used as landing surfaces. Those tumbling beds are known as air track mats or air tracks. Besides gymnasts and cheerleaders, the air track mats are also used for other sports such as martial arts, parkour and dance. The air track mats offer a safe landing, and it is very easy to set up.

The popularity of air tracks has been skyrocketing in the past few years, and it is not backing down any time.  They have become a must-have item in every gym or homes of the sports enthusiasts.  Before the air tracks come along, everyone was using the inflatable tumbling tracks. Thanks to the latest manufacturing technology, the tumbling tracks have evolved to become air tracks.  Unlike their traditional counterparts, air tracks are inflated with air using a pump and this gives them the rebound feature that follows closely the spring tracks used during competition.  The air track mat allows the athletes to bounce several inches to feet in the air when they are fully inflated.

Who Uses Air Tracks?

Air tracks can be used indoor or outdoor use. Amateurs to professionals use these mats for a variety of sports that require soft, well-planted landings and height-filled takeoffs.

The Benefits Of Air Tracks

Air track mats come in different sizes, colors and designs.  If you are still undecided about getting an air track, below are some benefits to give you a clearer picture before purchasing.

  • Air track is a great tool to help develop and improve the athletic ability. With more practice on the skills, one can enhance the technique quickly.
  • The air track mats provide a low impact landing surface in order to reduce chances of injuries.
  • They help athletes to practice more to build confidence.
  • Air tracks also allow the athletes to have a peace of mind during workout so that can concentrate and focus on their workout without having the fear of hurting themselves.
  • Air track mats are lightweight and portable.  Hence, they can be moved around easily when required.  They can be rolled up and put in small spaces like under the bed or the trunk of the car.
  • When not in use, they can be deflated and store away without taking up space.
  • They are suitable for adults and children alike. No matter if one is a professional or just starting out, the air track mat is the best partner.  It is sturdy and durable enough to last.
  • Another great benefit of air track mats is that the pressure can be adjusted quickly. Once inflated, it remains that way for a long period so you can practice on it comfortably whenever you want or as long as you want.  It can easily be inflated in just a few minutes to resume practice.

What Is The Best Air Track?

There is a wide range of air track mats that can be used for home or outdoor, as well as for every skill level.  In order to enjoy the benefits of an air track mat, it is important to invest in a quality piece.  A poor-quality piece will hinder your training and also may lead to injuries. When purchasing, choose premium quality air tracks such as those offered by Kameymall, a global shopping platform that has a range of high-quality products such as air tracks, zorb ball, home furnishings, the latest fashion apparels, accessories and more. Do pay attention to the following when choosing the mats.


Look for mats that are made with sturdy material like high grade PVC.  Safety is the number priority so purchase from a reliable manufacturer The material needs to be sturdy and the mat should come with warranty. Make safety your number one priority. Buy your air track from a reliable manufacturer that guarantees quality.


Not all air track mats sold in the market are designed to be versatile. Look for air tracks that can be used for different purposes and can be customized as per your requirement.

Adjustable Pressure

You may need different pressure levels for different types of activities.  As such, it is a good idea to choose an air track that allows adjustable pressure, no matter how rigid or soft you want it to be.

Size Of The Air Tracks

If you are not sure what is the correct size you should get, your best bet is to get an air track that can fit the space where it will be used frequently. Ensure that the mat is places away from the walls or furniture.

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